LoneLady – Fear Colours (DMX Krew Remix)

5 Oct

LoneLady’s remix EP ‘Former Things >> Re-Formed’ creeps nearer with the release of latest cut ‘Fear Colours’ as reimagined by DMX Krew. Julie can sound darn funky at times but we’re not going to lie – this early 80s Prince homage cranks her up to the next level of electrosquelchiness (not a word!). If you long for the days of Prince’s proteges then this is going to work for you – wherever LoneLady heads next musically we encourage her to embrace the purpleness as gosh does this sound suit her.

Maraschino – Smoke And Mirrors

5 Oct

Maraschino leaves her Puro Instinct days in the glittery dust behind her with her latest single ‘Smoke And Mirrors’. It’s a sparkling pop jewel which sounds like Little Boots if she were signed to Italians Do It Better. It’s a dramatic slice of pop noir and perhaps a cautionary tale that Hollywood dreams can easily become a nightmare. We hope Piper doesn’t leave it so long between tracks next time as she’s the pop star we deserve right now and this danceable delight is on repeat here at Teases and Dares towers.

Carl Chaste & The Magician – On My Body (featuring Owlle)

2 Oct

We are big fans of Owlle here at T&D (check her ‘Heavy Weather’ record if she’s a new name to you). We’re sure pleased she jumped on this collaboration with Carl Chaste and The Magician because this spacey electro throbber with sci-fi robo-vox is so well suited to her. Absolutely stunning single artwork too which is ideally matched to the tune.

Tenspeed – Out Past Ten

2 Oct

Our beloved Wildes set the bar pretty high as far as dads and daughters in pop go – obviously we’ve got dad Marty and dear daughter Kim – so too legend Ricky and his multi talented daughter Scarlett. So we are very pleased to find another dad and daughter working together in pop – a real rarity we think. Sofie and Gavin Kerr lead Tenspeed and we just stumbled across their funkadelic newbie ‘Out Past Ten’. It’s giving Deni Hines’ late 90s RnB with some 80s electrosoul and jazz flecks too. Really rather groovy. We would certainly be happy to be out past ten anywhere with that rainbow staircase shown in the gorgeous single artwork.

Julie Hicklin – Love Suicide

2 Oct

Julie Hicklin is proving to be quite the versatile artist. She can do big beats and high drama as per her collaborations with Las Bibas From Vizcaya (‘Defender’ and ‘Sex Robotik’ are both excellent fun) but ‘Love Suicide’ demonstrates a whole other side to her talent. It’s soft and airy as per the beautiful pastel pop perfected by Bunny X on ‘Young & In Love’ and Nina’s more gentle moments on ‘Synthian’. Julie’s vocal is fragile and gentle and conveys emotion in a subtle yet impactful way.

The Lightning Kids – California

1 Oct

Aztec Records’ latest signing The Lightning Kids impressed us muchly with their debut single ‘Ride’. The follow up, however, is the one to have us signing up to the fan club. ‘California’ is far from your typical synthwave. Actually, we think it sounds like a long lost Bananarama classic – like ‘Robert De Niro’s Waiting’ blurring into that Pensacola Mist dreamscape we love so much. Now there’s a collab waiting to happen what with Pensacola Mist and The Lightning Kids being on the same label.

ELISHIA – Rendezvous

1 Oct

So we are just going to put it out there that ELISHIA’s ‘Rendezvous’ is the best thing Ariana Grande hasn’t done in the past 5 years. There’s also some late 90s/early 00s RnB girlband vocal action happening – think The 411 meets Honeyz but with a very slick of the moment production. Pure fire.

Rose Gray – Prettier Than You

1 Oct

Rose Gray has been throwing out fizzing pop bombs for fun this year and there is no sign of her letting up on the pace. With ‘Prettier Than You’ she manages to blur two iconic Kylie eras – those of ‘Light Years’ and ‘Fever’. It’s indie disco dance but those synths have to be described as bubblicious. Get this in your ears – guaranteed pop satisfaction. We’re already hanging for an extended 8 minute version which goes full Moroder meets Europop, of which there are hints already on this single version.

WIIGZ – Look Good Feel Good

1 Oct

Confidence Man’s ‘Tilt’ has been the breakout pop record of 2022 and if that floats your boat then WIIGZ are your next major discovery. We’ve been enjoying the bangers WIIGZ have been slowly drip feeding us but it would appear they are about to enter into their big pop girl era. ‘Look Good Feel Good’ is the swaggering soundtrack to your hair of the dog night out when you don your best clobber to give you the maximum feel good factor. Much like ConMan’s Janet Planet, these ladies can speak/rap with attitude but can sure belt a note when required so to do. We’ve yet to experience the WIIGZ live show but have a hunch it will be a blast.

k e n t e b e e – Loner In The Corner

29 Sep

The Saturdays x Stevie Nicks x Noonie Bao = an absolute banger. k e n t e b e e is an up and coming Aussie who has well and truly grabbed our attention with this huge new single. The back end of the track explodes into a glitterball of a production with disco flecks and synth stabs. There’s something about the pre-chorus giving us ‘Notorious’ by the Saturdays which is a very good thing. There is just so much going and we love every little detail.