Tanners – This Crazy

12 Aug

Tanners has a delicious pop EP out right now and I just heard one of the cuts, ‘This Crazy’, and was quite the smitten kitten. A marvellous blurring of synths and guitars make for a big pop moment.


J-LiNE – I Wanna Dance

12 Aug

Huge pop tune from J-LiNE right here. ‘I Wanna Dance’ sounds like a Eurovision winner that never was. Dark moments as with Loreen’s ‘Euphoria’ give way to positive vibes all round and indeed we all wanna move with J-LiNE when he commands us to the dancefloor.

Georgia Meek – Right Kind Of Wrong

12 Aug

What a voice. Georgia just shared the 3rd track from her forthcoming ‘Womanhood’ EP. This new single really puts the vocal front and centre but there are some bewitching dark sounds happening in the background. Like a Bat For Lashes meets Ellie Goulding kinda moment (and I wonder if Georgia might be a Stevie Nicks fan too).

Small Million – Lone

12 Aug

Meet Malachi and Ryan aka Small Million. It’s synthpop but influences like Neko Case and Kate Bush make this something a little bit special. Malachi’s vocal is not your pure pop voice you’d associate with electronica but it sits so well above the beeps and beats. You can tell the song is the most important thing here. This pair have an EP called ‘Young Fools’ coming out in October. Enjoy ‘Lone’ in the meantime.

Margot Polo – Dance With Me

12 Aug

Summery indie funk from Margot Polo for you to wrap your ears around this Sunday afternoon. This fella is serving Cut Copy meets Talking Heads meets St Lucia vibes and that works for us at T&D.

Morgan St. Jean – Fake It

11 Aug

Big, moody, sad pop banger from Morgan St. Jean. ‘Fake It’ really shows off Morgan’s deep vocal tones. One to watch.

Joyeur – Fast As You Can

10 Aug

OK so who remembers Jentina? She of ‘Bad Ass Strippa’ and ‘French Kisses’. Well, if Jentina was around in 2018 I’m quite sure she’d sound like Joyeur. ‘Fast As You Can’ is a jittery bit of bubblegum indie. It’s been a good New Music Friday for quirky pop.