RAYOWA – Chance

19 Feb

We were hooked when we read “Essex disco collective”! ‘Chance’ is RAYOWA’s new tune and it offers up some silky disco vibes and it makes some serious Shalamar shapes at times. Excited to hear more from these talented brothers.

Coach & Ref – iNFiNiTY

19 Feb

This is huge! Scissor Sisters, Confidence Man and a tiny hint of Prince too. This one absolutely blasts off. There’s sax, references to Chaka Khan, brat pop nursery rhyme chanting – it’s pure fun. Get bopping beneath your glitter balls.

Kiara Nelson – Adore You

17 Feb

Straight up quality Scandipop right here with Kiara Nelson’s fizzing new track ‘Adore You’. Loving the thumping electro synths on the chorus and there is a serious hook to this one.

Madison Avenue – Don’t Call Me Baby (Super Disco Club Remix)

17 Feb

Madison Avenue’s ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ is one of our all time most beloved dance pop records. Shockingly it’s been 20 years since it topped the charts and to mark the occasion there are a host of new remixes. We, of course, were immediately drawn to a Super Disco Club Remix and boy is it good. Added disco bleeps and bubbles make this a silky and decadent treat.

Laumė – Voyeurs

17 Feb

‘Waterbirth’ is the dream poppy new album from Laumė. Lots of variety across this set but we can’t help but love the Tom Tom Clubby ‘Voyeurs’ with lots of bubbly electro indie feels. The whole record is super fun and it’s out right now on the awesome Carpark Records.

Patawawa – Just Not With You

17 Feb

Derby’s finest are channeling both Roisin Murphy and Beth Ditto on groovy newbie ‘Just Not With You’. These guys are due to breakthrough any day soon and with disco having so much attention at the moment, the time is now folks.

Funk LeBlanc – Listen 4 My Love (featuring Holland Greco)

15 Feb

Here’s some exquisitely executed electro disco for you. Coming on with very strong Shalamar vibes with a tiny hint of yacht pop too Funk LeBlanc reunite with Holland Greco (who sounds a bit like Denise Pearson from Five Star on this one) for this delicious treat which we have swiftly added to our Dares Does Disco playlist on Spotify.