Teases & Dares – Top 50 Albums of 2017

10 Dec

Here we go! Tough to rank this lot but here’s my countdown of my 50 favourite albums of 2017. Spotify playlist with my most loved track from each at the foot of the post.

  1. Lana Del Rey, Lust For Life
  2. Muna, About U
  3. St Vincent, Masseduction
  4. Charlotte Gainsbourg, Rest
  5. Goldfrapp, Silver Eye
  6. George Maple, Lover
  7. White Sea, Tropical Odds
  8. Secret Weapons, As The Setting Sun Comes Crashing Down On Me
  9. Perfume Genius, No Shape
  10. Vera Blue, Perennial
  11. Frida Sundemo, Flashbacks & Futures
  12. Julien Baker, Turn Out The Lights
  13. Anna Of The North, Lovers
  14. Dua Lipa, Dua Lipa
  15. Nerina Pallot, Stay Lucky
  16. Julie Byrne, Not Even Happiness
  17. The Sound Of Arrows, Stay Free
  18. Courtney Marie Andrews, Honest Life
  19. Lorde, Melodrama
  20. Blue Hawaii, Tenderness
  21. Sabrina Claudio, About Time
  22. Rachel Platten, Waves
  23. Betsy, Betsy
  24. Washed Out, Mister Mellow
  25. LANY, LANY
  26. Susanne Sundfor, Music For People In Trouble
  27. Sheryl Crow, Be Myself
  28. Sportsman, Neverland
  29. Sailor & I, The Invention of Loneliness
  30. Lydia Ainsworth, Darling Of The Afterglow
  31. Ronika, Lose My Cool
  32. Furniteur, Perfect Lavender
  33. Fever Ray, Plunge
  34. Kelly Lee Owens, Kelly Lee Owens
  35. Allie X, CollXtion II
  36. Hey Violet, From The Outside
  37. Kedr Livanskiy, Ariadna
  38. Molly Burch, Please Be Mine
  39. Mynabirds, Be Here Now
  40. Haim, Something To Tell You
  41. Touch Sensitive, Visions
  42. Memoryy, Skeletons
  43. TOPS, Sugar At The Gate
  44. Paramore, After Laughter
  45. LP, Lost On You
  46. Jennie Abrahamson, Reverseries
  47. Daniella Mason, Daniella Mason
  48. Fever High, FHNY
  49. Emily Haines and The Soft Skeleton, Choir Of The Mind
  50. Oscar & The Wolf, Infinity



Teases & Dares – Top 50 Non-LP Tracks of 2017

10 Dec

You know the rules by now. My selections here are not from albums that will appear on my Best 50 Albums of 2017 List.  So standalone singles and EP tracks only (and one track per artist). Thanks for listening this year. Hope you have found something new to enjoy.  Spotify playlist at foot of the post.

  1.  Confidence Man, Boyfriend
  2. Ralph, Tease
  3. Maja Francis, I’m Not A Disco
  4. Leon, I Believe In Us
  5. Chelsea Lankes, Matches
  6. Maty Noyes, London
  7. Liv Lovelle, Won’t Say Too Much
  8. The Midnight, Crystalline
  9. Flight Facilities, Stranded
  10. Morly, Sleeping In My Own Bed
  11. BAUM, Effortless
  12. Alice Gray, Pink Cadillac
  13. Time Masters, City Lights
  14. Iluka, Blue Jeans Baby
  15. Full Crate X Mar, Gorgeous
  16. Sabrina Carpenter, Why
  17. Beca, Terms & Conditions
  18. Sigrid, Strangers
  19. Mollie King, Hair Down
  20. Dagny, Love You Like That
  21. Haiku Hands, Not About You
  22. Samantha Urbani, Time Time Time
  23. Cajsa Siik x Foret de Vin, White Noise 1988 edit
  24. Holiday Sidewinder, Casino
  25. Thea & The Wild, Paved The Way
  26. KLP, Melt
  27. Cailin Russo, September Rose
  28. Amy Shark, Weekends
  29. Tove Styrke, Say My Name
  30. Lou Rebecca, Tonight
  31. Beatrice Eli, Careful
  32. Novelties, Potions
  33. Young Ejecta, Build A Fire
  34. Plastic Plates & Dragonette, Leave A Light On
  35. Max Flynn, Shuffle
  36. Full Of Keys, Don’t Look Back
  37. Mavrick, Ace Of Hearts
  38. Billie Eilish, Bellyache
  39. Eves Karydas, There For You
  40. Ria Mae, Bend
  41. Skylar Fri, Better
  42. Florio, Wait
  43. Rainsford (& Twin Shadow), Intentions
  44. Aly & AJ, Take Me
  45. Camden Cox, Gold
  46. Cosima, To Build A House
  47. Kingsbury, Alone Again
  48. LPX, Slide
  49. Skott, Mermaid
  50. Stockholm Noir, Boy Like A Girl (feat. Ofelia)


Kim Wilde Vs Lawnmower Deth – F U Kristmas!

2 Dec

Your Christmas (sorry, Kristmas) number one right here. Deth does indeed become her!

Rainsford – Intentions (with Twin Shadow)

2 Dec

Shared this one a couple of weeks back but there’s a video now and Rainsford is such a pop star in the making. Loving the semi-awkward dance moves – very relatable!

Sylvie – Peroxide Heart

2 Dec

New name on me but ‘Peroxide Heart’ is quite the introduction. Taken from Sylvie’s ‘Take My Throne’ EP. An exciting talent to watch out for in 2018.

Raindear – Diamonds In My Chest

2 Dec

Not a whole lot of new stuff to rave about as silly season is upon us. However, Raindear’s booming voice sounds marvellous atop the dark synths of ‘Diamonds In My Chest’.

Sonia Stein – Do You Love Me

24 Nov

Co-written by pop maestro Tom Aspaul, Sonia’s new tune ‘Do You Love Me’ is sublime sophistipop with a little hint of Prince in there – this could be a lost Sheena Easton ‘101’ era diamond.. Excited to see her open for Betsy next week.