Heartbreakers with Teases & Dares; Kacey Musgraves – Camera Roll, Lana Del Rey – Arcadia (Live on The Late Show), Tina Arena – This Woman’s Work (Live)

24 Oct

Three of T&Ds all time favourite artists released new forms of beautiful and quite frankly heartbreaking pieces of art in recent days. Kacey’s ‘Star-Crossed’ album is the ONLY divorce album you need this year and the ‘Camera Roll’ video is genius. Lana is always in our hearts and this performance of ‘Blue Banisters’ highlight ‘Arcadia’ cuts deep. And finally, the voice that breaks us like no other, yes it’s Qweena Arena. Her livestream event earlier in the year was simply magnificent. Taking on a Kate Bush classic in a live setting is no easy thing, especially when it’s a song as devastating as this one. We stayed up until 12.01 on New Music Friday just to play this and the tears were flowing by 12.04.

Dubbel Drop -Ecstasy (Super Disco Club Remix)/Super Disco Club featuring Sadako Pointer – Happiness (SDC Classic Mix)

24 Oct

We are all over every Super Disco Club release at the moment – you know 50% of SDC is the legendary Andy Van from Madison Avenue right? Here are two new hotties for you. As well as remixing their own recent banger ‘Happiness’, SDC also add some housed up disco to Dubbel Drop’s ‘Ecstasy’. A pair of tunes to get your groove thang to this morning.

Cannons – Ruthless

24 Oct

Cannons are on a sizzling hot streak of flawless singles right now. They are making the most Italians Do It Better-esque music NOT on the actual label. ‘Ruthless’ is another damn fine example. A very big sadbanger pop moment with indie attitude by the bucketload.

Laurel – Scream Drive Faster (Teddy Geiger Remix)

24 Oct

Laurel’s ‘Scream Drive Faster’ was one of our top pop tunes in 2020. A year on and the track has new life thanks to Teddy Geiger’s remix work. This new take doesn’t massively deviate from the original but gives it a woozier yet edgier feel – trippy yet totally danceable (like classic live footage of Stevie Nicks rocking out towards the back end of ‘Rhiannon’ when she really lets rip). The remix artwork is needed in poster form please Laurel!

Rheinzand – We’ll Be Alright

24 Oct

Belgium’s finest are back and with a thoughtful groove to soothe the soul. At T&D we are feeling that hope comes and goes in waves at the moment (to be more precise, it is given then taken away) but we try to remain optimistic about the months ahead. ‘We’ll Be Alright’ is the anthem of positivity we need right now. It seems like the follow up to their debut album (and the associated and rather incredible remix album) might be a more reflective kind of dance music – we’re here for it. That new album ‘Atlantis Atlantis’ is due to arrive in February 2022 and we are hypnotised, especially with that piano line, by this first single.

Jody Watley – A Beautiful Life (Alex Di Ciò Remix)

23 Oct

Legend incoming! T&D is thrilled to share a track from Jody Watley’s brand new remix collection. All 5 tracks have been reworked by Alex Di Ciò and it’s proving tricky to select a favourite but we have chosen to shout loudest about ‘A Beautiful Life’. We are loving the acid jazzy housey disco feel about this one. Jody of course has never sounded better and it’s such an uplifting anthem. Please do yourself a favour and go check out the ‘Renderings’ EP immediately.

Francesca e Luigi – Acting Like A B-Star

23 Oct

‘Dirty Disco EP 1’ is the latest release from Francesca e Luigi and having already shared the lead single with you, we are thrilled to be hitting play on EP highlight ‘Acting Like A B-Star’. It’s sure to appeal to Annie fans with flashes of Eurodance, Italo and the most candy coated and sugary synths sounds you’ll hear all week. Jessica delivers a poptastic vocal on this one as well.

Kids At Midnight – Lovesick

23 Oct

When Kids At Midnight sent us ‘Lovesick’ last week and she said she was channeling her inner Karen O on this one we weren’t quite sure what to expect – having been longtime fans of her pastel tinted prom pop perfections. Well we needn’t have worried because ‘Lovesick’ is a monster. With crackling lasers stabs and an entirely different vocal delivery we are reminded of the raveathons we used to have to CSS’ debut album as well as Metric at their most danceable. This one goes all the way off!

Butcher & The Florist – Cool To The Touch

23 Oct

We love the multitude of styles and influences all in the mix on the boppy new single from Butcher & The Florist. ‘Cool To The Touch’ is punctuated with RnB electro verses and the huge 80s synthy choruses kicks hard (there’s something in there somewhere reminding us of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ very slightly). There’s then an unexpectedly gnarly guitar break before the track concludes. Lots of fun.

Jerk Boy X Micci – Simple Life

19 Oct

Micci has interrupted her stunning run of synthwave singles for this delightful detour with Jerk Boy. ‘Simple Life’ is equal part 60s French pop and solar powered Aussie tropi-bop. As winter nears in the UK we’ll take any reminder of the warmth of the summer.