Archive | August, 2018

My Ultra Violet – Wilde As Me

31 Aug

So I’m totally pretending this is an ode to Kim rather than Oscar. The title hooked me in of course and I’m glad I gave it a spin because ‘Wilde As Me’ is the best thing Italians Do It Better have never done! Could totally believe this was a Johnny Jewel production. It’s a glittery bit of Italo indie with some roughed up edges.

Saint-Samuel – Brutalism Effect

31 Aug

French Canadian Saint-Samuel may have just created a new genre – I’m calling it balearic sci-fi. His album ‘Telerama’ arrives via the always cool Prince George Records. On ‘Brutalism Effect’ there are many shades of electronica on display as the track shifts and moves about and we are most excited to hear the full record when it drops in October. A Plus for the artwork too.

Name The Pet – Upp (featuring Josh Caffe)

31 Aug

One of our favourite Scandis is back with the super refreshing ‘Upp’. Name The Pet shifts in sound on this one with a bubbly warm flow of electronica and some gorgeous chilled trumpet adding a lovely new flavour to the mix.

Katelyn Tarver – Kool Aid

31 Aug

More quality music from Katelyn on her just released EP ‘Kool Aid’. Here’s the jaunty little title track. There’s depth across the release with gorgeous slow burn piano ballads like ‘Don’t Let It Change You’ also in the mix. Our gal is no one trick pony. Indeed she’s one of the most diverse sounding talents on the up right now.

I Know Leopard – Landmine

30 Aug

Just wow at the references on this – 70s soft rock, 80s synths, Justice, Scissor Sisters – it has so much going on and we at Teases & Dares bloody love it. Totally loving the styling too. An album along these lines would be stupendous.


Marie Davidson – So Right

30 Aug

More dark and throbbing electro from Marie Davidson. ‘So Right’ is the first track from her forthcoming album ‘Working Class Woman’. T&D are big fans of her solo work as well as that as part of Essaie Pas. ‘So Right’ takes her into Jessy Lanza territory which is also a very good thing.

Future Jr – Forget About Me

30 Aug

Striking indie synth pop with some fuzzy guitars too on Future Jr’s new track ‘Forget About Me’. And he comes from one of my favourite places on the planet too – the very underrated cool of Brisbane.


Rothwell – Stop Calling

29 Aug

Rothwell keeps bringing the classy bops and ‘Stop Calling’ is no exception. Our girl has a handful of top pop tunes under her belt already and it feels like she could be one high profile feature away from a breakthrough (not that she should need it but that’s how it seems to go at the moment).

Munya – Hotel Delmano

28 Aug

Luminelle Records is fast becoming the classiest new label out there. They have snagged the next release for Canadian Munya. ‘Hotel Delmano’ is a charming and at times other worldly few minutes of dazzling words and sounds.

Joe Wood – Parking Lots

28 Aug

Epic, synthy 80s influenced pop tune with some stirring guitars happening too. Joe Wood has totally found his sound on new song ‘Parking Lots’. It’s a tale describing youthful abandon and the need to escape the humdrum. Works for grown ups as well as teenagers by the way.