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Bec Sykes – Edithvale

31 Jul

It’s no secret that we have a soft spot for all things Aussie having lived in the great country many moons ago. Any reference to landmarks, places or culture that take us back there are always going to grab our attention musically. Not since Laura Jean’s ‘Northerly’ have we been as smitten by a song with Aussie geographical mentions as we are by Bec Sykes’ ‘Edithvale’. It’s a stunning, longing, ache of a song. It’s a gut puncher but beautiful too.

Eternal Crush – Only Me

31 Jul

One of the hottest up and coming indie duos on the planet, in our humble opinion, is Eternal Crush. Their previous single ‘Dont’ Come Back To Me’ is one of our most played of the year. New one ‘Only Me’ is another belter – Broods, Chvrches and Hatchie all in the mix for us on this one and with a coastal haze so very distinctly Australian.

L’Avenue – Feel Time Fade and interview

31 Jul
We would like to welcome Jesse AKA L’Avenue to Teases and Dares today. We are a bit smug about being early to the party on his incredible ‘Cherry Crush’ EP which was released a year ago. He’s back today with the 2nd single from his debut album and a lot more to come later in 2020.
Jesse – it’s fair to say it’s been a whirlwind 12 months for you since ‘Cherry Crush’ came out. What were your expectations back in June 2019 and how did the reality of the events of the past 12 months measure up??
To be honest I didn’t have great expectations other than hoping to get on a few people’s radar and let the synthwave community know who I was, so when it came around to releasing a full-album there would be a base of some kind that would be open to receiving it. It’s fair to say that plan went …err … well. Very well. LOL. To be honest I achieved way more than I expected. With a few “End of the year” accolades and lovely compliments from a few people at the top of the synthwave tree has been very rewarding. And I could have only dreamed of doing a vinyl release … and here we are with all vinyl sold out! Absolutely chuffed!
You’ve been adopted as part of the synthwave synthfam pretty quickly. There seems to be a genuine sense of camaraderie among those artists on the scene – what’s that been like for you?
Definitely. Its been quite a revelation to be honest, I have been genuinely surprised by how much of a ‘community’ there is and how friendly everyone is. I haven’t experienced anything like it and actually has become a major bonus to be part of this great group of like-minded, lovely people. The #synthfam are so passionate about the music and art and there’s very little snobbery and lots of mutual support. More refreshing than several packets of refreshers.
You caught the attention of legendary producer Ricky Wilde and ended up on his podcast with your hero Nik Kershaw. A day to remember?
If I could have captured the day in carbonate like Han Solo – it would be hanging on my wall! Mind-blowing day! Not only just incredible to meet Ricky in person and hang at his studio but to be so graciously received by Nik was amazing! What a guy! To be able to just sit and chat for 2 hours about all things musical was a highlight in my life to be honest. Nik and his sound was such a huge inspiration for me, so to be able to ask him about things that have been burning in my mind for a long time was quite an honour. And since that point Ricky and I have become really good buddies and likewise I’ve been keeping in touch with Nik. They say the people at the top are the nicest – no truer statement with these gents!
The 2nd half of 2020 is shaping up to be super busy for you with three singles and then the debut L’Avenue album ‘Into The Night’. Hot on the heels of ‘Kaleefornya’ we have ‘Feel Time Fade’. Can you tell us why you choose to kick off the album campaign with these two tracks?
‘Kaleefornya’ seemed to be the most logical progression from ‘Cherry Crush’ sonically and it’s quite mid-tempo and powerful. There are peaks and troughs on the album mood and tempo wise and I didn’t want to come back too far off the mark. This track just segues well from the EP to the LP. ‘Feel Time Fade’ is also just a bit of a belter with a Bladerunner/Vangelis feel to it and it has a strong vocal element which is new for those that know the project, just seemed to make sense to be the next single really.
What can you tell us about ‘Into The Night’ and most importantly what colour is the vinyl going to be?!
Screaming pink! LOL. Jus’ kidding it’s going to be a nice cyan to match the art. The story is that I wrote most of the album before ‘Cherry Crush’ but I didn’t want to release a complete album into the scene and face it not getting proper attention so I looked at what a few other successful artists had done and thought a decent taster (bigger than a 3 track but not as big as an album) would introduce me to enough people. I had a ball making this album, spent way too much money on all the digital versions of loads of old 80s synths and then pulled out all my favourite sounds from that era. Kid in a sweet shop. It was probably the most prolific period of my life. A lot of the material didn’t make it to the album purely based on the flow of it – but these have helped flesh out 2x EPs that will follow the album early 2021 one being a follow up to ‘Cherry Crush’.
L'Avenue - Feel Time Fade
Whenever your name comes up, the L’Avenue aesthetics always end up being part of the conversation. Do you see the music very visually when you are making it? (We are requesting L’Avenue wallpaper for the next merch round)
Ha ha! Most definitely, I think a large part of the appeal of doing this project is that it could be so visual as well. In fact before releasing any music I’d probably been active on Instagram curating the visual sister to the music for at least 6 months. The 80s was just such an amazing time design & style wise from high-end luxury lobbies to Memphis patterns and ridiculous shoulder pads and Lamborghini Countach’s. I just felt myself submerge into all these high aesthetics. Being a graphic designer by trade also allowed me to produce some high-end visuals for the project too. I think that’s what was special about the 80s music too was that bands had a whole look, the scene had a whole look that fused with the music.
Your live debut as L’Avenue was due to be part of the incredible Retrowave deluxe mini festival line up with some synthwave royalty. We are keeping hold of our ticket for the new date – fingers crossed on that one. How will the L’Avenue aesthetic transfer to a live show?
Tigers and go-go dancers are booked but I can’t find leopard pattern spandex anywhere sadly. Its going to be interesting as most of the current material is instrumental and its just lil’ ‘ol me. But I’m going to have some cool drum pads and other cool visuals … so should be fun. 
Thanks for chatting Jesse – ‘Feel Time Fade’ is out now with ‘Into The Night’ set for release in September.

Erasure – Shot A Satellite (Initial Talk Remix)

30 Jul

Initial Talks works his magic yet again, this time giving Erasure’s newbie ‘Shot A Satellite’ a VERY Stock Aitken Waterman makeover. This could be a lost Dead or Alive classic. In the last minute it suddenly diverts into The Jets’ ‘Crush On You’ territory. A whole tonne of fun.


Bunny X – Revolving Doors (Michael Glitterati Remix)

30 Jul

The Bunny X ladies have had their ‘Revolving Doors’ track reworked by Michael Glitterati and the results are astonishing. It now sounds like a Europop summer vacation sadbop from 1985 – we’re thinking Spagna meets pre-SAW Bananarama! It’s a nostalgia inducing joy to listen to from start to finish.


TOPS – Colder & Closer (Suzanne Kraft Remix)

30 Jul

We’ve been loving the run of remixes that TOPS have shared from their ‘I Feel Alive’ album. The latest is Suzanne Kraft’s take on ‘Colder & Closer’ and it’s totally giving us ‘Around The World In A Day’-era Prince and The Revolution vibes.

Roland Tings – Lights On The Headland

29 Jul

Some punchy synths kick off the 2nd taster from Roland Tings’ forthcoming ‘First Wave’ EP. Then we switch gears into almost synthwave territory very pleasantly albeit unexpectedly. The tracks then seems to blend electronic styles as it progresses before stripping them back again for a hypnotic finale. Those synth lines are just so clean whichever way they are presented.

The Bad Dreamers – She’s Really Not That Into You

29 Jul

Here’s an ace bit of retropop for you. The Bad Dreamers’ ‘She’s Really Not That Into You’ lands somewhere between The Night Game and Huey Lewis and The News! It’s quality pop with an injection of both nostaglia and fun. The guitars have a slightly off kilter charm and there’s a slinky little sax solo too.

DJ Aspirins featuring Dvines – Sunshine Avenue

29 Jul

Our Latvian faves Dvines return on a new track with DJ Aspirins (what a name!). The piano led glossy disco production feels like it would be going down a storm in a Balearic nightclub right about now. We’ll have to settle for a limbo under the clothes line in the backyard for the foreseeable. An anthem all the same.

B.Miles – Worst Enemy

29 Jul

B.Miles brings the drama and a powerhouse vocal on her long awaited new song ‘Worst Enemy’. It’s been yonks since her EP, which really caught our ear. ‘Worst Enemy’ never settles melodically or structure wise – it’s very much about the feel.