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EKKAH – Last Chance To Dance

29 Oct

Only just recently blogged this but it now has a video which means you can really appreciate that early 80s Madonna/Shannon vibe now there are visuals to accompany the quite gorgeous audio.

Jessica Mauboy – Can I Get A Moment

29 Oct

Jessica just debuted in the top 5 Down Under post X Factor final with this cut from her soon to be repackaged Beautiful album. It’s a horn filled, brassy disco track and one which is a bit of a grower. It kinda lands in Amerie’s ‘1 Thing’ territory but with softer edges if that makes sense as well as having that retro-but-modern Janelle Monae vibe.

Shamir – On The Regular

29 Oct

Something tells me Shamir is going to feature very highly in the BBC Sound of 2015 etc type polls which will soon be kicking off. I am pleased to say I was early to the party with this one and Shamir’s Northtown EP has been on repeat for me for much of the year. He’s now signed to XL and has released his first tune for them – the Ana Matronic Let’s Have A Kiki-ish ‘On The Regular’. HUGE things await for this fella.

Susanne Sundfør – Fade Away

26 Oct

Susanne has been busy since her last album, the quite lovely ‘Silicone Veil’, guesting on tracks by the finest electronic musicians such as Kleerup, M83 and Royksopp. However, it’s also pleasing to know what she has managed to complete work on a new album of her own. Here’s the first taster from ‘Ten Love Songs’ which if anything suggests she has been somewhat influenced by those collaborations as ‘Fade Away’ is a little less stark and icy than anything on the previous record. Can’t wait to hear the album in full when it comes out in February.

Say Lou Lou x Lindstrom – Games For Girls

26 Oct

At the end of 2013 Say Lou Lou were featured in all the write ups of acts to watch in 2014. Well it’s been more a case of wait than watch with their record company pushing back their album multiple times. Now slated for release in early 2015 it’s not clear how many of the early singles like the gorgeous ‘Maybe You’ and ‘Julian’ will make the cut. In the meantime however, we can content ourselves with Lindstrom ramping up the BPM a bit in terms of what we have come to expect from the girls on this track which is out today.

Pr0files – Forgive

26 Oct

This boy/girl duo are new on me but sit nicely alongside Little Daylight and Haerts in making 80s-centric emotive pop – if perhaps a bit more stripped and a little less stadium sounding than the aforementioned bands. ‘Forgive’ is the first track I have heard from the guys but it has certainly made me want to explore their Soundcloud a bit.

Olivver – Keep It Sacred

20 Oct

Formerly of The Neighbourhood, Bryan Sammis is going it alone under the Olivver moniker. He has been dropping tracks for a few months and his first proper EP is due imminently. This track has been on repeat for me since I discovered it a few weeks ago. Loving the chilled synths but indie vibe and a somewhat dark Lana Del Rey-ish video to accompany it.

Mansionair – Hold Me Down

20 Oct

These guys are signed to Chvrches’ Goodbye label. They just released an EP and the single version of this track ‘Hold Me Down’ is a highlight. The XX is the obvious comparison but there a lot more layers and complexities to this track in particular which is stunningly executed.

VÉRITÉ – Heartbeat

20 Oct

After posting this months ago the link to ‘Heartbeat’ got taken down and then the good lady starting releasing tracks officially from her debut EP – but with no sign of ‘Heartbeat’ anywhere. I am very pleased to say that a remastered version of the track is finally available to listen to and indeed purchase. If you haven’t heard the other tracks go splash out on the whole EP as it’s damn fine.

Kleerup feat. Niki & The Dove – Rock U

18 Oct

I already blogged about Kleerup’s gorgeous new Scandi-female-centric mini album, but had to mention it again after falling in love with this track which has emerged as my favourite. Malin sounds like Cyndi Lauper in her lower register at times and the music also recalls ‘We Belong’ era Pat Benatar. Fabulous.