Archive | February, 2015

Tula – River

28 Feb

From the little info I have gathered this morning Tula appears Swedish but based in Berlin which is one super hot combo. ‘River’ fluctuates between minimal electrofolk to something more bombastic and epic as each chorus swoops in. There’s a drama here akin to countrywoman Lykke Li but also a Lorde-like teenage innocence.

Priest – The Game

28 Feb

The artists formerly known as X Priest X are back minus the Xs. Their sound hasn’t changed too much from their mega promising EP from last year – fizzing bits of Annie-pop with a nod to Dubstar and Beach House.

Julian Moon – Good Girl

28 Feb

Blogging on the run this morning. However had to share this little gem (thanks to KickKickSnare for this one). She doesn’t look like your average Julian! But she sounds like one of my favourite artists, Ms Holly Palmer. This track has a real classic vibe to it and the vocal is supercute. An album follows end of March apparently but nothing available to purchase in the UK as of this morning. Hope that can be remedied!

Elin Bell – All The Love

27 Feb

Well this is just lovely. Another bit of slightly melancholic aching electro pop with edge coming out of Sweden. Damn you goodmoose music having all this on your doorstep!

Scavenger Hunt – Lost (Lenno Remix)

27 Feb

Not a big blogger of remixes but had to mention this one as it’s so huge! When the beat drops at about 60 seconds in the song really explodes. I find myself constantly singing the “let’s get lost” line as the melody pops into my head. This wouldn’t be out of place on Betty Who’s dreamy 80s influenced debut album.

Katelyn Tarver – Weekend Millionaires

27 Feb

So this young lady has been a bit of teen TV star in the States apparently. Musically she has gone for the Aaliyah influenced sound we have heard on LIZ’s releases on Mad Decent. Loving the layered vocal effects on the chorus on this tune. Hope we can buy it in the UK some time soon.

Ida LaFontaine – Anthem

24 Feb

Thanks to Chris Lilley and the Goodmoose blog for this one. What an absolutely huge pop song.