Archive | April, 2021

Tina Arena – Church

30 Apr

It’s always a wonderful thing when one of your all time faves makes an absolute winning return and delivers just precisely what you hoped for. Queena Arena is back and in a very, very big way. ‘Church’ is quite simply breathtaking. Tina’s name remains the answer we provide whenever we get asked “who is the greatest singer of all time”. In a live setting she’s especially staggering but on record she somehow manages to retain her raw power yet demonstrate fragility when required so to do. This has never been more evident than on ‘Church’. It’s an epic, sweeping, gothic powerhouse of a song – and one which Tina co-wrote (she’s an underrated songwriter by the way). The arrangement is massive but never overwhelms Tina’s vocal – just listen to that final note. No other voice has the ability or range to cut through to our core like Tina’s. The Bronte-esque video has delivered too – again everything we wanted from visuals and a perfect match for the drama of the song.

Wyles & Simpson – Shout

28 Apr

It’s so good to hear Wyles & Simpson on record again. Their cover of Tears For Fears’ classic ‘Shout’ is stark, startling and just a bit sinister. Spookiness aside the harmonies are supreme.

Self Esteem – I Do This All The Time

28 Apr

Album number two era has dawned for Self Esteem. On the first single ‘I Do This All The Time’ Self Esteem has packed more wit, intellect, theatre and musicality into one song than everything else we’ve heard in 2021 combined. We need more pop stars like this. There’s a bunch of tour dates to look forward to in November as well.

Hiatus Kaiyote – Red Room

28 Apr

‘Mood Valiant’ is the forthcoming album from Hiatus Kaiyote. We are on board for it after hearing the lush new single ‘Red Room’. It has a wonky funk to it blending classic Wendy and Lisa with Nikka Costa’s indie jazz groove. Utterly gorgeous and hypnotic.

Molly Burch – Control

28 Apr

Molly’s previous single ‘Emotion’ might just be one of our most played of 2021. She’s just announced her new album ‘Romantic Images’ (which has the most gorgeous font and artwork) and shared new track ‘Control’. The song has an unusual structure and we are loving Molly’s evolution into bonafide pop star. Equal parts lady of the canyon a la Jenny Lewis mixed with dreamy synthpoppers Au Revoir Simone.

Mark Knight, Beverley Knight and The London Community Gospel Choir – Everything’s Gonna Be Alright

24 Apr

If there is one voice we believe when being told that everything is gonna be alright, it’s Beverley Knight. The UK Queen of Soul teams up with namesake Mark Knight as a taster for his forthcoming album ‘Untold Business’. For good measure you get the legendary London Community Gospel Choir and that really is the icing on the cake. This is the uplifting anthem of hope and belief we all need heading into summer 2021 and we will be blasting this one at full volume – musical vitamins for sure. Streaming now and out to buy in a fortnight.

L’Avenue – Forever

24 Apr

Synthwave’s crown prince of style AND substance, L’Avenue, quickly follows up ‘Kelly’ with the powerful ‘Forever’. This one packs a more weighty punch and comes out of the blocks fast. That doesn’t mean it’s missing that trademark L’av’ smoothness, it’s very much present. This one also feels a teensy bit less 80s than usual and indeed harder to put a timeline to. It shows that this fella is not going to rest on his laurels and will keep pushing the boundaries of the genre.

Tom Aspaul – Wanna Love U Boy (featuring Michael Medrano)

24 Apr

So ‘Black Country Discotheque’ is a week old and we remain obsessed. With a generous 17 tracks to explore, new favourites keep emerging. This weekend we are bopping to Tom’s hook up with Michael Medrano which involves them totally flipping Robin Thicke’s ‘Wanna Love U Girl’. That rap is something else – giving us Lady Miss Kier on ‘Groove Is In The Heart’ (just deee-lovely and delicious) meets Jazzie P on Kylie’s ‘Shocked’ (probably the only rap we can recite off pat). T&D will be heading to London for Tom’s ‘Revenge Body’ tour in July and for that we cannot wait.

Dresage & Misty Boyce – Shame

24 Apr

T&D fave Dresage has a big pop moment on her new collab with Misty Joyce. ‘Shame’ twists and turns throughout in terms of song structure and influences – there are bits of 80s synths, occasional flashes of wonky disco and a hint of Sugababes’ ‘Push The Button’ too. We love it!

Kids In America – Summer Of Love (Jean Tonique Remix)

24 Apr

We previously discovered these guys due to them being named after one of the best pop songs of all time. Thankfully they make decent tunes to back up this confidence! ‘Summer Of Love’ has been disco-ed up by the awesome Jean Tonique and it’s got the perfect amount of sunny swagger for this weekend.