Archive | October, 2018

Druzy – Move Right On

30 Oct

Druzy are back with their best track yet. ‘Move Right On’ is bubblegum 80s pop (think The Jets’ ‘Crush On You’) meets infomercial/aerobic workout video soundtrack. Fizzy synths and a delightful vocal feature heavily. Delightful.

Go Dark – Violetest Red

29 Oct

The Knife and Crystal Castles are the obvious reference points for this duo. They have an album called ‘Neon Young’ coming via Bella Union (a mark of quality for sure) in January. ‘Violetest Red’ lulls you in at the beginning, with the soft swelling electronica, before exploding in a entirely different direction later on. Very interesting indeed.

Cavego – Kjeiken

29 Oct

Icy yet warm Norwegian disco is just what we all need this afternoon. Following his countrymen Todd Terje and Lindstrom into the genre meet Cavego. An EP, which sounds like it’s going to be delicious, is on the way.

HÆLOS – Buried In The Sand

28 Oct

‘Tango In The Night’-era Fleetwood Mac x Roisin Murphy at her grooviest x the jittery indie of Dirty Projectors = new HÆLOS. An epic and wonderful return.


Paula Tape – Agua Congas

28 Oct

Hypnotically rhythmic and thoroughly groovy seven minutes of fine and rather organic sounding disco-ey electronica complete with some stunning percussion. Remixes also worth a listen.

O Future – Smell You

27 Oct

Cinematic, dramatic disco with sweeping strings. There’s something proper decadent about this one. It feels like it should be the soundtrack to the exploration of a smoke filled jazz club in Twin Peaks.

Rosemary Fairweather – MTV

24 Oct

Beautifully dreamy and deliciously light synth pop from Rosemary on her new tune ‘MTV’. Think Shura at her most beguiling and chilled and you have it. An album follows in 2019.

Little Monarch – Treading Water

24 Oct

Musical sunshine if there ever was such a thing on the new tune from Little Monarch. A gorgeous melody, blissful male/female vocals and top notch production. It all comes together and even the art work is perfect. I dare you not to whistle along after a couple of listens.

Calvero – Vanishing Streets

24 Oct

There’s a new and rather awesome male pop star on the horizon. Calvero’s debut track ‘Vanishing Streets’ is all sorts of epic 80s stadium sized pop and could happily soundtrack your favourite action movie. We had a quick catch up with this mysterious newcomer to ask him all about his musical influences.


‘Vanishing Streets’ has a huge 80s power pop sound to it. Which artists from that decade have influenced you most and why?

I associate ’80s pop with unapologetic, grandiose emotional energy and a vast darkness of space, which felt like a really great palate to be able to pull from. The work by Springsteen, Prince, Cyndi Lauper, Kate Bush and Tears For Fears in that era are very important to me. There was a lot of other stuff from that time on heavy rotation while making this, too: Bonnie Tyler, Heart, Belinda Carlisle, Martika, Taylor Dayne, Laura Branigan …and anything written by Diane Warren!
The song also has a real soundtrack feel to it – if you could go back in time and have one of your songs on a soundtrack which movie would you choose?

For Vanishing Streets? Gotta go with the Top Gun soundtrack.

What do you have planned after the release of ‘Vanishing Streets’?
I’ve got some more singles and an eventual EP planned for early next year, and I’m currently working on writing the next batch of songs!
Your music sounds like it will translate very well live. Which contemporary act would you like to open for? We suggest Bright Light Bright Light!
Carly Rae Jepsen.

Owlle – D-S-D (Deep Sea Diver)

23 Oct

Rather smitten with Owlle’s new album ‘Heavy Weather’. Was stopped in my tracks when I heard ‘D-S-D’. The album contains an alternate version of the track – to be honest it’s flawless in both forms. A quality pop album and well worth a listen.