Archive | November, 2018

MARKS – What Did I Ask For

30 Nov

It’s been a couple of years since we were smitten with MARKS’ fabulous pop record ‘The Modern Life’. She’s back with a very chilled, retro-ey sound straight outta Laurel Canyon. It also recalls first two album era Rilo Kiley. That honeyed, smooth voice remains front and centre at all times. Quite lovely.



30 Nov

We’ve been sharing top pop bops from CAPPA for yonks now and are pleased to so do again. ‘Sux’ has a monster sized chorus and our gal needs a big ole breakout feature in 2019 to get her firmly positioned on the pop landscape.


Fever High – Avec You

30 Nov

Loving the chugging groove of Fever High’s new track. There are still hints of the Bananarama meets Tom Tom Club sound of the debut album but ‘Avec You’ is a tad more experimental and we are liking the development.

Sharon Van Etten – Jupiter 4

30 Nov

Been fortunate enough to see this talented artist perform live on two occasions – both were magical musical nights. Sharon’s new album ‘Remind Me Tomorrow’ arrives early next year and we are so ready for it based upon ‘Jupiter 4’. This new track is dark and sinister and conveys a real sense of foreboding and unease. I wonder if the acting role in the very spooky ‘The OA’ has had any influence – loving those synths at the start.

Lupa J – You’re In My Headphones

29 Nov

The Aussies have had an astounding year when it comes to electronic pop. So many acts from down under will populate my year end best of tracks/albums lists. Here’s a late contender from the elegant and spacey dance tune offered up by Lupa J.

TEEN – Only Water

29 Nov

TEEN’s ‘Love Yes’ was a corker of a record and the ladies return in style with the sophisticated synthpop of ‘Only Water’. Their new record ‘Good Fruit’ arrives on the awesome Carpark records in March 2019.

Patawawa – Wires

29 Nov

If you’re missing Ronika’s unique UK take on electrofunk, then Derbyshire’s Patawawa will be your new best friends. Their new tune ‘Wires’ follows a funkadelic EP earlier this year and singles them out as ones to watch in 2019.

Tanners – Venus

29 Nov

Following a rather good EP (with the standout earworm ‘This Crazy’), Tanners has a stunning new slice of bold and buzzing electronica in the shape of ‘Venus’. Getting some Metric vibes from this one.

Chris Liebing featuring Polly Scattergood – And All Went Dark (Goldfrapp Remix)

27 Nov

T&D is feeling rather under the weather and music is always my best medicine – found some right here.  I discovered this Goldfrapp remix yesterday evening of a track from Chris Liebing’s recent album on Mute records called ‘Burn Slow’. To say this track is stunning doesn’t do it justice. A breathtaking piece of music.


Joseph of Mercury – Reluctant Love

25 Nov

This one has it all – 80s tv theme vibes, Bond-esque, great synths, loungey feels and a killer sax solo. What more could you want from a new tune? This fella has a handful of great tracks in his back catalogue so go check ’em.