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Miranda Carey & Sunglasses Kid – Steal My Love

28 Nov

Sunglasses Kid’s sophomore album is here – literally – it’s called ‘Sophomore’! The Bandcamp blurb says;

Set the night of Graduation, the students at “Hellview” High are about to wake up the quiet and affluent suburb of Grosse Pointe with a party to end all parties. Will you make it to the end of the album before the Principal knocks on your front door?

We’ve picked out ‘Steal My Love’ with Miranda Carey which comes on like a track from Taylor Dayne’s ‘Tell It To My Heart’ album and also recalls The Jets (we loved ‘Rocket 2U’ more than we loved ‘Crush On You’ – there we said it). The whole record is ravishingly retro but happily doesn’t stay in one lane. We’re especially liking the New Jack Swing and Jam & Lewis influences at play.

Alessia Labate – Highway

28 Nov

Here’s a big ole bop for you all the way from Italy thanks to Alessia Labate (with some German input too courtesy of producer Leonail). Lyrically and musically this is the perfect addition to any gym/running playlist. Get moving! Nice bedroom wall poster choices in the video too.

Tragic Sasha – Shh (Louis La Roche Remix)

28 Nov

Been loving Louis La Roche’s work this year – whether on his original material or the carefully selected remix work he’s been doing too. His latest rework is for the awesome Tragic Sasha and her tune ‘Shh’ has been revved up into a glittery, indie disco jam.

Andrea Di Giovanni – Leave It

27 Nov

Oh how so many of us would love to “leave it all on the dancefloor and feel alive” right now. Andrea Di Giovanni has given us an overwhelmingly uplifting banger which while entirely boppable also makes us yearn for club/concert/theatre moments when we can all get lost in the music once more.

Confection – It’s So Long (Since We’ve Touched)

27 Nov

Well here’s a tune with a totally topical message! There ain’t a whole lotta touching going on right now. I think the pandemic has made everyone realise how much we actually enjoyed giving someone a hug!!

Anyway, on to the music!!! Personal Best is such a funky little label – we have enjoyed so many of their releases. We have to confess not being familiar with Confection but it seems this is something of a comeback, having released albums back in 2012 and 2007. ‘It’s So Long (Since We’ve Touched’) is some slinky and super fine disco boogie with squelchy funk and sweet as honey harmony vocals – led from the front by the beautifully monikored Juanita Tippins.

Call Me Loop – Rosé

27 Nov

We have just one question for Call Me Loop…..why the blinkin’ heck didn’t you drop this in the summer? That said, we love those sunny, poolside disco vibes and are happy to day dream we’re vacationing with drink in hand. Every now and then she sounds a tiny bit like Mariah with her vocal phrasing. Might just be her best yet.

Commandeur featuring GENES – Numb

27 Nov

Purveyor of perfect pop GENES (loved her 2020 singles) returns with a feature on dance maestro Commandeur’s new banger ‘Numb’. It’s a big, dark dance tune but sweetened by GENES’ gorgeous vocal.

Rebecca & Fiona – Another World

27 Nov

Another week, another Rebecca & Fiona banger. ‘Another World’ dials up the house piano sound with chilled, whispered vocals and uplifting vibes all round. These ladies are so darn prolific. Keep the beats coming please R&F.

Purple Disco Machine – Exotica (featuring Mind Enterprises)

27 Nov

We found Mind Enterprises a while back thanks to his remix of those crazy cats Confidence Man. He jumps on board the always excellent Purple Disco Machine’s retrotastic discopop jam ‘Exotica’ – somehow making it sound like Modern Talking, Daft Punk and Bananarama all at once. The perfect Friday night sliding into your weekend kinda track. Check out the full length for top quality deliciousness.

ev.exi – You Can’t Run (featuring LaVera)

26 Nov

Here’s the choppy new discotastic tune from ev.exi with a smooth vocal contribution from LaVera. As always with ev.exi the artwork is on the money and a good match for what you’re getting musically. There’s something of the indie glamour of Lou Hayter about this one too.