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Time Masters – Rekindling Love

30 Apr

These Scandipoppers recently dropped a criminally under the radar EP called ‘Love Stories’. Their tune ‘Milky Way’ was an obsession of mine last year. I have been hammering EP track ‘City Lights’ recently and now my focus is shifting to the John Hughes 80s movie love theme that never was  – ‘Rekindling Love’. Totally sublime.

Loveskills – Black Summer PREMIERE

28 Apr

Here’s a first listen for you T&D peeps…’s the uplifting, late night summer disco-jazz jam from Loveskills. Rich Spitz, Mr Loveskills himself, told me earlier today that these lyrics really let you know what the song is about; “summer is here and you’re cryin’….don’t be that way – you are invincible”. The sunny season certainly can give you that feeling that anything is possible.

The song runs over you like a warm bath and it’s clearly intended to cleanse you of self-doubt. ‘Black Summer’ will work equally well poolside as your perfect cocktails accessory – musically speaking. And like every good holiday should do for you, ‘Black Summer’ will recharge your batteries and you’ll want to hang on to the mantra that “you’re coming back around”. Nice work fella.




Ryal – Father Figure

28 Apr

Big fans of Jacque Ryal here at T&D. She’s gone and taken on a George Michael classic and managed to make it sound like Mister Mister’s ‘Broken Wings’ with some flourishes of Donna Lewis’ ‘I Love You Always Forever’. That’s one crazy pop concoction – yet it works.

Luke Million with Sam Sparro – Back To The Rhythm

28 Apr

Great to hear our man Sam making some funky disco noise again. This collab with Luke Million is making  me pine for some more Kylie-related hook ups as those two are just discopop chemistry heaven. Our stylish is our fella in this video?

Yeo featuring Asta – Never Wanted

28 Apr

Yet more Aussie amazingness. We have told you about Asta many times. She’s here with partner in crime Yeo on the oh so sunny ‘Never Wanted’. This is such a delicious bop.

Jerry Folk featuring Rainsford – Purple Feelings

28 Apr

Love the song title and love the choice of vocalist – we love the warm tones of Rainsford. ‘Purple Feelings’ shows a different side to Rainsford with Jerry Folk taking her into futuristic, glitchy and wonky dancepop territory.


Smiles Davis featuring Bosco & Tola – Morning Blues

28 Apr

This is the 2nd Bosco track we’ve featured at T&D in the last month. This new collab with Smiles Davis and Tola is a delight, or do I mean a Deee-Lite? It’s giving me some sampladelic Ms Kier vibes.

Molly Kate Kestner – It’s You

28 Apr

New name on me but the comments on YouTube suggest a dedicated following of fans. Molly Kate is giving London Grammar drama on the vocals on this big and bold pop tune.

Sloan Peterson – 105

28 Apr

The Australian music scene is surely the hottest bed of female musical talent right now. Potential superstars are appearing in rapid succession and here’s another to wrap your ears around. ‘105’ blends Julia Jacklin’s off kilter folk with some Dum Dum Girls garage rock to superb effect.


Emily Vaughn – Mood

28 Apr

I was indeed in a mood after a very poor New Music Friday selection – especially from the bigger hitters (looking at you Ms Perry). However, it was lovely to discover a T&D endorsed act coming back with some cute pop – welcome back Emily Vaughn. ‘Mood’ is a classy and charming bit of electropop and just what we needed today.