Archive | February, 2021

Skyler Cocco – The Drive (amour remix)

28 Feb

We missed Skyler Cocco’s ‘The Drive’ upon release but have made up for that by diving into the amour remix which arrived this week. The track, in original form, had a MUNA/The Aces feel but the soft synths are discoed up a little on this super rework.

Mr Twin Sister – Expressions

28 Feb

Here’s a Bandcamp exclusive release (for now at least) from Mr Twin Sister. They’ve dialled up the taut funk and soulful vocals on this track which forms part of a 2 song release. We’re not sure if this is leading to a more extensive collection (hope so!) but for now this is a perfect tune to strut along to in the spring sunshine.

Tess Merkel – Good Life

28 Feb

The battle goes on to see who will represent Sweden at Eurovision 2021 and we woke this morning to a general sense of surprise that this pop belter didn’t make it through qualifying. Alcazar’s Tess Merkel disco diva-ed her way through the performance last night and seemed a cert to progress but it wasn’t to be. Have to say a couple of those who made it through in her place were in no way as much fun and we can’t quite see them grabbing enough attention for a win at Eurovision.

Laura Mvula – Green Garden (1/f Version)

27 Feb

We were quite taken aback by the ‘1/f’ EP Laura Mvula just shared. Having been unceremoniously dropped by her label, Laura could have been forgiven for not wanting to pay a whole lot of attention to her previous output. But, perhaps inspired by Taylor Swift’s approach to re-recording and damn well owning (in every sense) her music, Laura has reimagined a few of her own classics. We are very much here for the taut 80s funk on the new version of ‘Green Garden’ (which was always a fave) – accompanied by a perfectly matched visualiser.

India Shawn – Too Sweet (featuring Unknown Mortal Orchestra)

27 Feb

Here’s a heavenly collab if ever there was one. With ‘Too Sweet’ India Shawn and Unknown Mortal Orchestra have created some other worldly organic sounding RnB recalling the stunning ‘We Are KING’ album by KING. Absolutely sumptuous.

Bright Light Bright Light & Jujubee – I Used To Be Cool

27 Feb

One of the many highlights from BLx2’s ‘Fun City’ album is ‘I Used To Be Cool’. There’s already been some crazy cool remixes but now we have a hot new take with Jujubee on duet duty. There’s still a whole lot of 80s squelch funk and a hint of homage to Cathy Dennis’ ‘Touch Me (All Night Long)’.

Brijean – Wifi Beach

27 Feb

Brijean’s debut album ‘Feelings’ is here at last. It’s floor to ceiling summer jams wherever you look and listen. There’s some acid jazz meets Toro Y Moi woozy indie disco and a whole lot more – with percussion very much centre stage. Sandy beaches and cocktail drenched poolside moments WILL happen again. This is the soundtrack for when they do.

Millie Turner – Concrete Tragedy

27 Feb

Millie Turner is no stranger to T&D. We have to admit we rather love it when she lends her soaring voice to a banger and that’s just what she’s done with new tune ‘Concrete Tragedy’. Indeed this might be her danciest moment since her outstanding track ‘The Shadow’.

SG Lewis & Nile Rodgers – One More/Jessie Ware – Remember Where You Are (videos)

27 Feb

It’s admirable how folks are getting creative when trying to make music videos during a pandemic with all the practical challenges that must bring. Two videos which arrived this week negotiate this beautifully, creating cinematic love letters to London and nightlife in general. In Jessie’s video for ‘Remember Where You Are’ her celebrity twin Gemma Arterton takes a nocturnal stroll through central London, with some stunning lighting making us pine for those familiar sights we recognise in the clip. The video ends with a breathtaking dawn – hopefully a metaphor for what we are all anticipating right now as we tentatively step towards our (new) normality. SG Lewis’ debut album ‘Times’ is only a week old but it’s sure to be that festival/party/celebration album for so many as the year unfolds. The video for ‘One More’ depicts a would be courtship over the course of an evening, with mannequins cleverly, and with tongue in cheek, playing the roles of would be clubbers.

Rheinzand – Blind (Gerd Janson Dance Remix)

26 Feb

Rheinzand are readying a remix project for their self titled debut album, one with which we are belatedly familiarising ourselves. Gerd Janson’s Dance Remix of ‘Blind’ is a synth disco delight which belts along at a great rate.