Archive | January, 2020

Rider – On Your Mind

31 Jan

Rider’s ‘Jump’ featured very near the top of our top 100 tracks of 2019. She’s back with a bang and a banger. ‘On Your Mind’ is so mid 1980s and we adore it. Debarge’s ‘Rhythm Of The Night’ and The Jets’ ‘Crush On You’ spring to mind. This is uplifting power pop of the highest order.

Donna Missal – Hurt By You

31 Jan

There is some seriously raw emotion in Donna Missal’s voice. Bruised but battling is how we would describe our heroine on this one. ‘Hurt By You’ confirms Donna to be an old soul yet with a vibrant energy to her soaring vocal. What’s more you get the sense she’s actually holding back a little so heaven help us when she really lets rip.


Best Korea – Imagine The Echo

31 Jan

T&D is way behind with new music this week but we promise to catch you up on what you need to hear over the next few days. We are kicking things off with some powerful synthwave courtesy of Best Korea. ‘Imagine The Echo’ has some very British influences to our ears. Also loving the sax breaks and of course that to die for artwork (we want posters please).

Chromatics – You’re No Good (Club Mix)

27 Jan

Fans of Chromatics are being well and truly spoiled at the minute. On top of the recent brand new track ‘Toy’ the band also just released a mega deluxe version of ‘Closer To Grey’ and hiding within in is this exquisite club mix of ‘You’re No Good’. The mix takes the Italo polish off and adds some bubbly discoey house. Supreme.

LeBrock – Interstellar

27 Jan

Our burst of synthwave today comes courtesy of LeBrock. ‘Interstellar’ is a large power pop moment landing somewhere amongst The Midnight, Calvero and St Lucia. ‘Interstellar’ is also the name of the EP from where this track comes and there are two other gorgeous tunes on their as well as instrumentals of all three tracks thrown in for good measure.

Erika Vikman – Cicciolina

27 Jan

This simply HAS to go to Eurovision for Finland! The intro alone is probably worthy of the win. Everything we could possibly want from a great big Europop moment. Come on you Finns – do the decent thing and ensure this is the song which you send to the 2020 competition.


April Ivy – Can’t Fight This Feeling

26 Jan

Already a star in her homeland of Portugal, April has a new single which sounds like it would sit very comfortably on the forthcoming disco-tinged Dua Lipa sophomore record. ‘Can’t Fight This Feeling’ is a funky effort and it’s definitely jumping on our Dares Does Disco Spotify playlist.