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Grace Lightman – Eyes 4 U

30 Jun

If you take a look at our best albums of 2019 list you’ll see Lana Del Rey and Madonna occupying two of the top three spots. Separating those two superstars is one Miss Grace Lightman. Grace’s ‘Silver Eater’ remains in constant rotation here at T&D towers. Two years on and Grace returns with her first new music since that debut album era and she’s even more genre defying than usual. ‘Eyes 4 U’ intially skips and skitters with minimal electronic beats before erupting at around the 1.52 mark into an Avalanches-esque blaze of colour and sound. There’s a sweet melancholy to the track and an almost nursery rhyme feel. Grace we are so pleased to welcome you back.

Bunny X & Don Dellpiero – Perfect Paradise

26 Jun

Those poptastic Bunny X ladies are back with an 80s summer vacation bop to soundtrack those warm, hazy nights. ‘Perfect Paradise’ sounds like it could have come from an episode of Miami Vice. It’s got that big synth sound, a touch electro, city pop and much more. We hear there is more fruit to bear from this collaboration with Don Dellpiero so we look forward to hearing what’s next. A random thought but we’d love to hear Bunny X cover Will Powers’ cult classic ‘Kissing With Confidence’ – something about their voices would suit it soooo well.

Natalie Shay – Medicine Boy

26 Jun

It’s been a while since we shared any Natalie Shay tuneage. We’ve always loved it when she flecks her pop bops with some 80s isms and that’s the case on the airy and dreamy ‘Medicine Boy’. This is super sweet candy floss pop.

Jewel – Stand/Intuition Remixes (featuring Bright Light Bright Light and Initial Talk)

26 Jun

Now this was an incredible surprise. Did not see it coming that not one but two of our faves were remixing classic Jewel. The ‘0304’ album was a bit divisive at the time, heralding a proper change of direction into full on pop for Jewel. We always adored it and are rediscovering our love for it this week after Bright Light Bright Light and Initial Talk have shaken up ‘Stand’ and ‘Intuition’ respectively. Rod BLx2 gives ‘Stand’ a stellar Madonna/Pettibone electro house throb whilst ‘Intuition’, thanks to Initial Talk, becomes the best single TLC never released.

Discoholic – Movie Love (featuring Caleb Cabiness & Kikay)

26 Jun

We are showing no signs of disco fatigue as is apparent from our next selection. Discoholic returns with an epic cut with features from Caleb Cabiness and Kikay. ‘Movie Love’ is hecka funky and the full version has some lovely touches including little bits of spoken word film dialogue.

Bee Gees x SG Lewis – More Than A Woman (SG’s Paradise Edit)

26 Jun

Sam Lewis’ ‘Times’ album remains full of bops and bangers – give it a spin if you haven’t checked it out (also, where have you been?!). His love of disco and great interest in musical history are apparent on his respectful take on the Bee Gees’ classic ‘More Than A Woman’. This version has a slower shuffling groove and uses the vocals sparingly.

Chris Pierce – Interview + ‘Mix It’

25 Jun

We spotted megastar potential after hearing Chris Pierce’s ‘Karma’. Having had a sneak peak at the follow up single ‘Mix It’ a few weeks ago we felt quite smug because let’s face it, this is huge! Chris Pierce is going to be everywhere very soon – blasting out from your radio, TV and hopefully live stage. We were thrilled that Chris agreed to a little catch up with us when we got the lowdown on his musical influences, aspirations and a potential tennis match with Serena Williams!

Hey Chris – thanks for speaking with us. Can you tell us how you got into music?

I was always into music from when I was a child. I started out in the church choir because being a predominantly Christian based household you were definitely going to be involved in the church regardless of anything, from there I’ve always just felt safe within and it took me years to FINALLY just let go of my fear and do something about it. Around June last year (2020) I wrote my first official single after a Black Lives Matter protest and I released it a few weeks after and that was the official start of who I am today! 

We love ‘Karma’ and that soulful funkiness suggests you might be a Prince fan? Who were your influences growing up and how have your tastes changed?

Thank You so much and, I love Prince however a lot of old school artists that I listened to weren’t really men, being around my mom and my grandma and my aunt all the time It was always a strong black woman that was singing in the car rides, or singing on the radio like Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, TLC, Destiny’s Child, and these women made amazing R&B classics but when it came to influencing my current music it’s powerful pop women like Ariana Grande, Doja Cat, SUPERFRUIT, just anyone who is making music that makes me wanna get up and dance and just like, love life.

We hit a decent tennis ball here at T&D and so LOVE any video clip shot on a tennis court. How did that idea come about for the ‘Karma’ video – and how good is your tennis game?!

Haha, every idea thus far with my music videos has been about most of my ideas with the collaborative help from my friends Abner Miguel, and Pablo Roasas who run Big Brother Productions, they’re so amazing and make me feel incredibly comfortable and fun so whenever I work with them I now the video is about to be amazing, and also they’re also on the rise right next to me working with other big artist which is AWESOME. But, I really just like to have fun and I know with COVID-19 coming it made a lot of fun things shut down, so I wanted to bring the party to the people in a way of a live music video. We actually have a few behind the scenes shots of me playing Tennis that I’ll definitely have to show you because I don’t know maybe I could give Serena Williams a run for her money haha.

Your new single ‘Mix It’ is another bop. What’s the message on this one?

Now when it comes to what Mix it is about of course you listen and think, drinking, drunk, blacking out and no that’s most definitely the message haha but, It’s always a deeper meaning for me when it comes to my music. When it comes to getting drunk and going to parties I feel less excluded in life because we’re all there for a common goal, to get drunk and dance! Regardless of sex, regardless of your gender, regardless of anything (as long as you’re not a douchebag), then we’re all about to get up and just live our best lives in a form of dance. 

Both singles are super danceable – any plans for any cool remixes? We’d love to hear The Knocks put their spin on the Chris Pierce sound!

A Karma Remix?! A Mix it Remix?! You just may be onto something with that one, and the Knocks?!?! Oh my god, that’d be freaking amazing. I have it as a plan in my head that I’ve kept because I just don’t know who would be the perfect fit for it but I will most definitely get it in the works just for you and hopefully, just hopefully, we can get it accomplished.

We’re going to pester The Knocks then! It’s early days for you but who are your dream collaborators?

My dream collabs would have to be Ariana Grande, Nicki Minaj, Superfruit, Beyonce, Rihanna, I honestly have such a list that could go on and on. I just want to be able to work with the people I grew up listening to and idolizing that have given me the push to want to be a pop star. If it weren’t for these people and the messages they sing about and the love they have for their music I probably would’ve still been here but It would’ve taken me a longer journey to get here. 

What’s next for you in 2021 after the release of ‘Mix It’?

Well, as of right now If I’m not mistaken my plan “OPERATION MIX IT UP” worked and I’m in the TOP 50 of the iTunes Pop Charts here in the USA so I see nothing but bigger things. The music video is going to be dropping pretty soon and I just keep saying this is just the beginning of something massive. I’m working hard to become a legend and I see nothing else but that happening for me.

Thanks for the catch up Chris! ‘Mix It’ is out now.

Rikky Disco – Deep In Love

25 Jun

Stockholm Disco Sounds as a label name tells us all we need to know. ‘Deep In Love’ is the sound of a million Scandi glitterballs exploding on the dancefloor and we are entirely smitten. Rikky Disco are Chris Tall (blogged his solo stuff several times) and Fanacy – we hope they have plenty more disco ditties up their sleeve because this one is addictive. It has the sweetest melody, a gorgeous breathy vocal and the production and orchestration are just spectacular. Do you get that we love this??

Polychrome – Ultraviolet

25 Jun

They’ve been teasing this one for a while but today is the day Polychrome finally set free their new tune. ‘Ultraviolet’ is some seriously gnarly sci-fi synthwave. Think Goldfrapp at their crunchiest and almost industrial edge to the synths. It also feels like the soundtrack to a David Cronenberg dark flick. If you loved Annie’s ‘Dark Hearts’ album from last year (we adored it) this one is totally for you. Finally the lyric “why’d you have to break the silence, any word a form of violence” is GENIUS.

Jackdaw – The Way You Move It (featuring Christina Maschera)

25 Jun

Making a big dancefloor splash on his T&D debut is Jackdaw. ‘The Way You Move It’ sounds like it was born to be the track you hear alongside coverage of Olympic track and field athletes in Tokyo this summer. It might also be the perfect accompaniment to a very flash car advert – it certainly makes us want to drive fast! Other than that it’s a damn fine gym playlist tune – it will definitely help you push through. Props also to Christina Maschera for a no nonsense belter of a vocal – giving us classic Tina Cousins vibes! Jackdaw can we have a collab with Tina please – she’d sound soooo good on a Jackdaw production.