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Tina Arena – Still Running

25 Aug

Another single from Tina’s super Reset album which will get a UK release in November. This is a huge ballad but for me the lyrics are intensely personal and are what make the track as emotive as it is. I can somewhat relate to the sentiment of making something of your life in spite of someone rather than because of them.

Flight Facilities – Clair De Lune (feat. Christine Hoberg)

25 Aug

Taking a little summer holiday from the blog and heading off for some sun. Thought I would go for a flight themed posting! Well timed in this case as these Aussies have finally announced their debut album which is due at the end of October. I am so glad this epic track made the cut as it’s the track that first led me to them and remains my favourite.

Whinnie Williams – Oopsie Daisy

22 Aug

Not only do we have a new Whinnie video but you can FINALLY purchase some WW music on iTunes. Her EP is up for pre-order with the gorgeous You Don’t Love Me available now. Still loving those free mixtapes with their blend of Dusty Springfield meets Lily Allen. Whinnie – I still want your French loungey take on Mari Wilson’s Just What I Always Wanted – you would rock a beehive!

Golden Coast – Dream And An MPC

20 Aug

These guys just dropped their 2nd track and it’s an absolute blast. A massive stadium-level chorus and 80s pop synths lend themselves to comparisons with both the more accessible side of MGMT or the John Hughes movie soundtracking vibe of St Lucia or M83. Ones to watch for sure and managed by the super cool Brent Burns from the Kick Kick Snare blog – which means these fellas have class written all over them. FYI an MPC is some sort of 80s beat making machine – I had no clue!

Evvy – Got Me Movin’

20 Aug

Tipped off to this by the awesome Kick Kick Snare guys. Evvy’s 7 track EP just appeared on iTunes and this track is the highlight for me. One to file alongside the also electro-tastic EP by Ryn Weaver or the recent White Sea album.

Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

18 Aug

No, not a cover version of the Mariah track! Here comes Taylor roaring back with the first track from her new album 1989. Not exactly the best effort lyrically but this little earworm is gonna be sung and hummed everywhere in a Pharrell/happy kinda way.

The Kite String Tangle – Arcadia

17 Aug

KST’s EP has just gone top 10 in Australia and hopefully he’ll soon be gracing our charts with electronic ballads as beautiful as Arcadia. The rest of the EP is also worth a listen.

Florrie – Little White Lies

17 Aug

Pop princess in waiting Florrie finally release her Little White Lies EP today. Bit of a bargain at £1.99 as you get a whole bunch of remixes of the title track and some new versions of older songs. An album is still something we Florrie fans can only hope for!

Tina Arena – Still Running (Adam Turner remix)

16 Aug

Tina’s huge Australian tour is underway and in the meantime she’s picking up a little bit of attention over here after a stirring live set on BBC Radio 2 recently and now the wonderful Popjustice guys have made this dance remix a Big Song on their site. The album version is one of Tina’s most perfect and emotional ballads ever – but Adam Turner turns up the BPM for this remix and somehow it still works as a piece of euphoric dance music. Still crossing everything for a UK tour date when the album finally gets a release over here in November.

Slow Club – The Pieces

16 Aug

I blogged about the new Slow Club album earlier this week but am mentioning it again, just because it’s so good! The Pieces has become my favourite track and the one I return to for an extra listen after the album ends. I have no idea what is happening in the video!