Archive | September, 2015

Paris Wells – Overbite

28 Sep

HUGE tune. Lots of style but a tonne of substance too. Minimal in places yet it goes all boogie-oogie-oogie-slide (listen to the lyrcis) with a possible ice cream van sample. Gaga, Roisin and Janelle Monae put into a blender. That good.

Philco Fiction – TALK/BRAG

28 Sep

More Norwegian pop goodness here on the new single from Philco Fiction. Sounds like Lykke Li working with M83. That’s a good combo right there. They look effortlessly stylish too.

Kids At Midnight – Electrified

26 Sep

Following the astounding Ainslie Wills EP here’s another Australian making a name for herself with an 80s-esque bit of bedroom synth pop. This one sounds like Donna Lewis covering Bruce Hornsby and the Range.

DAGNY – Backbeat

26 Sep

While we wait patiently for news of brand spanking new Annie music (very near here apparently) here’s another Norwegian announcing her arrival to the already crowded but always-room-for-another female Scandipop market. Closest in sound to Tove Styrke but perhaps a tiny bit darker.

Reighnbeau featuring Sister Grotto – Highways

25 Sep

Beautiful little find from the My Old Kentucky Blog guys. The video for ‘Highway’ is a tripped out, bubblegum coloured, sun drenched, hazy shade of summer bit of loveliness. The song is similarly dreamy and the right side of experimental electroni-mericana. Is that a thing?

Auguste – Slow Motion

25 Sep

Australia’s Andy Bull made one of my top ten albums of the year last year. He’s now impressing me further as the producer of this single by Auguste. ‘Slow Motion’ is a dreamy bit of electro-folk – imagine Smoke Fairies covering Say Lou Lou.

RAC featuring Katie Herzig – 3AM

25 Sep

RAC gets Katie Herzig to channel her inner Imogen Heap at the start of this new track before the beat drops and a swooping 80s synth shares the spotlight with the gorgeous treated vocal Katie delivers. This guy really picks his collaborators well – still very much in love with the previous single with Chelsea Lankes.

Sofi de la Torre – MESS

25 Sep

Sofi returns and with the closest she has come to a banger as yet. ‘MESS’ is a different beast entirely to the sublime ‘Vermillion’ and ‘What People Do’ but it’s still #popdoneright. Understated yet booming.

Doe Paoro – Hypotheticals

25 Sep

There are sooooo many big album and single releases today don’t let Doe Paoro’s album ‘After’ slip by you unnoticed. A difficult one to define in terms of musical style because it’s so varied. The one thing which isn’t inconsistent is the quality – it’s all top notch. ‘Nostalgia’ remains my favourite but ‘Hypotheticals’ is creeping up on me.

LP – Muddy Waters

24 Sep

Laura is back and the voice is as glass shatteringly powerful as ever. I was very late in discovering her stunning previous album ‘Forever For Now’ which included the ought-to-have-been-a-smash ‘Tokyo Sunrise’. New song ‘Muddy Waters’ is a spooky yet soaring ballad(ish). Hope this means there’s more new music on the way.