Archive | February, 2018

Satellite Young – Sanfransokyo Girl (Sunglasses Kid Class of 88 Mix)

25 Feb

Not sure whether I am meant to be able to understand the lyrics but it’s a beautiful noise all the same.  Super nice work from Sunglasses Kid dialling up the 80s on the remix.

Shaqdi – Colorless

25 Feb

Smooth electronic RnB but with an unexpected chill-wavey chorus. Lovely stuff from Shaqdi.

Stats – Rhythm Of The Heart

24 Feb

Meet Vince, South London pub landlord. He had never heard Stats’ new single ‘Rhythm Of the Heart’ until it started to play as this video was filmed. Vince – you have so got the moves. Still digging the track too. When’s the album coming guys?

King Princess – 1950

24 Feb

Crikey what a debut single. I suspect we are going to hear and see an awful lot of King Princess in 2018 if ‘1950’ is anything to go by.

Boniface – Phantom Limbs

24 Feb

Can’t find a single fault with this thumping bit of indie electronica. St Lucia and Years & Years would both be happy with this one.

Deqn Sue – Unicorn

24 Feb

Deqn Sue just shared another video cut from her funky as heck ‘Juggernaut’ album. ‘Unicorn’ is a fun little track and if you dig it then check the album because it’s packed to the rafters with quality tunes.

Sidibe – Unreachable

24 Feb

Sometimes sharing a song with you once is simply not enough. Sidibe’s ‘Unreachable’ deserves another mention. I was sat with my coffee this morning looking at a blue sky and the song came on shuffle. It was a perfect moment. ‘Unreachable’ is old school smooth soul but with some modern touches. It’s sublime and makes me yearn for summer.

Ingileif – At Last

24 Feb

A very welcome introduction to this Icelandic artist. Acosutic meets electronic for this one – loving all the shades and the clarity of the vocal.


Lione – Glimmer

24 Feb

Shimmering pastel coloured electronic pop from Lione again. He has some way to go to top his incredible ‘Leave This Place’ tune but he’s making all the right noises.

The Night Game – Bad Girls Don’t Cry

23 Feb

The Night Game is totally upping his (game that is). The 80s vibe is still front and centre but with some added funk right here. Super little guitar freak out towards the end too. Wanting him to do a Robbie Nevil ‘C’est La Vie’ cover at some point.