Archive | March, 2021

Claire George – Pink Elephants

31 Mar

Claire George has put out some beautiful singles. We are therefore delighted to see that Cascine have announced that Claire’s debut album ‘The Land Beyond The Light’ will arrive on the label in May. Lead track ‘Pink Elephants’ is dreamy electronica with Claire’s gorgeous voice floating above twinkling and gently pulsating synths. The single artwork is a sight to behold as well.

Sappho – Flex

31 Mar

We missed this one upon release a couple of weeks back – but all caught up now on a proper bop. ‘Flex’ recalls Louise’s big comeback moment ‘Stretch’ as well as the slinky sophistocated synth pop of Holiday Sidewinder.

Andrew Lambrou – Throne

31 Mar

Australia has another exciting pop talent on the rise. We welcome Andrew Lambrou to Teases & Dares with his debut track ‘Throne’. It’s a massive dark electropop throbber. Andrew’s vocal suggests he could be quite the versatile singer and we suspect he might nail an acoustic or rock track with the same ease he’s cracked this pop lark at first attempt. Brooding production and some quirky effects make this stand out. Looking forward to hearing more from this Sydney fellow in 2021.

Garbage – The Men Who Rule The World

30 Mar

Shirley Manson and co are back with a blistering new single. ‘The Men Who Rule The World’ pulls no punches in its depiction of the patriarchal mismanagement of our world. There’s something about Shirley’s phrasing which is giving us Madonna vibes – if Madame X had cranked up the crunchy guitars. The new album ‘No Gods No Masters’ arrives in June.

LoneLady – (There Is) No Logic

30 Mar

Now here’s someone we are hyped to see back on the scene. A huge T&D welcome back to LoneLady. It’s been, can you believe, 6 years since her stunning ‘Hinterland’ album dropped. She returns with this Gary Numan meets Kylie’s ‘Slow’ electrobop ‘(There Is) No Logic’. The synths are percolating to perfection and we are enjoying the danceability of this one.

GG – Sports Park

28 Mar

Georgia Ginnivan aka GG might not be aware of it (being in the land of relative freedom in Australia!) but she’s provided those of us in the UK who are returning to outdoor sports tomorrow with the perfect back to workout anthem! Aerobic pop is becoming a real thing – see also Ultraflex’s amazing album from last year. ‘Sports Park’ leads you in gently before erupting into a head bopper of a chorus with the infectious “honour and glory” mantra on repeat. Produced by GG herself and with the accompanying lyric video showing her limbering up on a tennis court (excellent track suit style by the way!) – our only disappointment is that we wanted to see GG crunch a forehand yet she seems to have left her racquet at home!

Bronson featuring lau.ra – Heart Attack (Krystal Klear Remix)

28 Mar

ODESZA and Golden Features’ Bronson project has entered into remix round three. The line up for ‘Remixes – No 3’ is impressive – loving TSHA’s take on ‘Know Me’ but it’s Krystal Klear’s thumping electro disco on display on ‘Heart Attack’ which we are blasting this morning.

Balthazar – Losers (Purple Disco Machine Remix)

28 Mar

Belgium’s Balthazar are new to T&D but their chosen remixer is most certainly not – Purple Disco Machine delivers the goods every time and we are liking his foray into remixing indie rock (see also Royal Blood). ‘Losers’ becomes a Tame Impala/Miami Horror meets Cerrone kinda jam with this rework which you can enjoy in edited or full length fashion.

Madeaux – Disco Man

28 Mar

We know Madeaux best for his remix work and collaboration with T&D stalwart Class Actress. Today we are pleased to share Madeaux’s new single ‘Disco Man’. It’s a dark, dirty bit of electro with some unexpectedly classic rock guitar licks dominating the track. This one is sure to get the blood pumping this Sunday morning as those of us in the UK wake up to losing an hour due to daylight saving. If you liked The Irrepressibles’ ‘Let Go’ then ‘Disco Man’ should be right up your street.

Anushka – Speak To Me

27 Mar

Deee-Lite’s ‘Dewdrops In The Garden’ is a constant reference point for us here at Teases and Dares. The influence of that record, knowingly or otherwise, is in full force on the summer electronic house bop ‘Speak To Me’ from Anushka. The Brighton based duo have created a perfect sunny soundtrack for laying on a picnic rug and staring upwards at fluffy cloud formationsand blue skies.