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Anabel Englund – Midnight Rapture

17 Sep

We approach most New Music Fridays with senses of both excitement and trepidation. Trawling through a mire of mediocrity can be tiring and it feels like a lot of effort to find the occasional gem. We also earmark songs in advance via phone screenshots when we know something is due to land. One such song this morning is Anabel Englund’s ‘Midnight Rapture’. Last year Anabel released the dance album of the year with ‘Messing With Magic’ (and more recently extended the album which more bangers). However, none of that could have prepared us for ‘Midnight Rapture’. Firstly we had no idea the rapture reference would be THE BEST BLONDIE SONG OF ALL TIME!!!!! Secondly, Anabel has out Dua’d Ms Lipa with a crossover dance/disco/pop meteorite which surely has to become the international smash of the end of summer. New Music Friday is saved and won right here.

Metteson – Under Your Shirt

17 Sep

Metteson’s ‘Convince Me’ EP has been one of the best discoveries of 2021. We weren’t sure how it could be bettered – well here’s the response. Metteson has gone bigger, bolder and with a huge classic Scandipop (a little ABBA-esque) chorus. Epic pop.

Coastal Elite – I Can See The Water (featuring Moody Beach & Carl Fox)

17 Sep

Those delicious Aussies Coastal Elite have popped up again with another slice of yummy yacht rock inspired dream pop. They really do transport you from the poolside to the high seas with their cruise worthy nautical soundtrack. The jangly guitar adds a new dimension to their smoothed out slickness.

Lunar Disco – It’s About Time

15 Sep

This Aussie/French pairing of Kate Elsworth and Nicolas Blistène are right up our street. From their band name to label name (Suck My Disco) to the cosmic artwork, absolutely everything is on point. Even better, their tunes are massive. ‘It’s About Time’ is highly likely to be the best new music this week. There are so many styles and influences that we adore – from Client, Little Boots, Sally Shapiro, Todd Terje, Moroder and a whole lot more. It’s part Italo disco with whiffs of synthwave and it’s totally elegant. Can you guess we are obsessed. Make sure you appreciate the full six minute plus version for proper intergalactic glitterball loveliness at full throttle.

MICHELLE – Syncopate

14 Sep

The lovely Line of Best Fit peeps casually posted this earlier and it’s one of the bops of the year! If you wanted to know what MUNA would sound like jamming with Dua Lipa then here you go. We don’t know a whole lot about MICHELLE but ‘Syncopate’ is a gargantuan pop blast and we are hooked.

Kult Kyss – So Alive

13 Sep

Just in case you thought we’d gone all mellow with our postings tonight, here’s Kult Kyss with a monster banger. The Aussie pair have featured on our pages before, indeed ‘God Is A Bassline’ was one of the singles of 2020. ‘So Alive’ positively thumps along like Magdalena Bay at their most ravey.

Ainslie Wills & James Knight – Northern Star

13 Sep

One of the most emotive vocalists on the planet is Ms Ainslie Wills. If you are not familiar with her work – start with ‘Hawaii’ – it will blow your mind. She’s been featured on one of the records of the year – guesting on Paper Kites’ ‘Roses’ album earlier in 2021. Ainslie has a new collaboration, this time with James Knight, and it’s another breathtaking piece of musical art. Spine tingling.

Kacey Musgraves – There Is A Light

13 Sep

Never in doubt for us at T&D – we just knew Kacey’s ‘Star Crossed’ was going to deliver and it sure has. What an astonishing record. We’ve also been fortunate enough to see the ‘Star Crossed’ movie and what a stunning piece of film it is. Such a beautiful set of visuals. ‘There is A Light’ has to be a future single – when you see the way it looks in the film you’ll agree. For now you will have to make do with this visualizer. The song comes on like Fleetwood Mac bumped into Dua Lipa at a disco.

Jordann & Munya – Naoko

13 Sep

Here’s something super chill to help you unwind on what has felt like a long ass old Monday to us. We’ve featured both Jordann and Munya before and they make for a blissed out pairing on ‘Naoko’ which we like to think might be about one of the central characters in a beloved book of ours – this being Haruki Murakami’s ‘Norwegian Wood’.

Dubstar – Tectonic Plates

12 Sep

Dubstar are on a proper roll with their run of singles. We think ‘Tectonic Plates’ might be the best of the bunch. Gary Numan and Human League vibes abound and of course it’s got the Dubstar trademark stamp – with Sarah’s unique vocal. Loving that synth buzz and, we have to admit, even the groovy guitar break too.