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Morabeza Tobacco – Defenders Of The Glam

17 Sep

Ok so this Swedish pair are 2 for 2 on absolutely outstanding wonky indie disco right now. Their new track ‘Defenders Of The Glam’ is my new obsession for the week.



Farao – Marry Me

16 Sep

Shimmering Italo indie disco from Farao on her new single ‘Marry Me’. The album ‘Pure-O’ is just around the corner and the tracks so far have been entirely suggestive of a quality full length record.


Evvol – Song For The Brokenhearted (Rollin’)

15 Sep

Twinkling electronica from this Berlin/Dublin based duo. The song really swells towards the end, growing from minimal beginnings to something quite expansive by the finish.

Tia Gostelow – Phone Me

15 Sep

Gorgeous and hazy indie pop from Tia taken from her soon to be released album ‘Thick Skin’. ‘Phone Me’ might be my favourite of the singles so far. The album is shaping up to be yet another in a series of outstanding releases by Australian artists this year including Jack River, Alice Ivy and Tash Sultana.

Nicopop – Elephant (featuring Josh Wood)

15 Sep

Missed this from a couple of months ago. Throbbing electropop with a slick vocal and a heck of a big 80s-ish chorus. In addition to ‘Elephant’, Nicopop has a new track called ‘Start Again’ which is also super fun.

HoneyChrome – Boomerang

14 Sep

Blasting bit of power pop from HoneyChrome on his storming new single ‘Boomerang’. Loving the softer electronics of the final third of the song too. On the money production and fabulous hook.

Dresage – Dinners At Home

14 Sep

Our girl Keeley is in on a flawless run of singles and she keeps the quality cranked up on the jittery pop of ‘Dinners At Home’. This is probably her poppiest moment so far and we are loving the diversity across her handful of tracks. Let’s hope there is an album around the corner.