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La Moreno – Cheetos and Champagne

26 May

So I’m think Grace Jones might be a musical hero for La Moreno? That was my first thought when listening to ‘Cheetos & Champagne’. One of those songs and videos you can’t quite get your heard around on first listen/watch but which demands more attention and slowly seeps into your brain.


Satin Jackets featuring Emma Brammer – Take It From Me

26 May

Smooth and funky disco tuneage is what we expect from Satin Jackets and he’s delivered on this sublime new track with Emma Brammer – the two combining to create a sound akin to Moloko at their sunniest.

Linney & Kinetic Assembly – My Kinda Lover

26 May

Always pleased to hear new Linney music and she makes it easy for us when the bops keep coming like they do with ‘My Kinda Lover’. Gotta admit I’m not familiar with the original of this but loving what Linney and Kinetic Assembly have given us with this fizzing electronic vibe.

Boy Bjorn – Anchorage

26 May

At once heartwrenching and uplifting this is a lovely slice of indie electronica. The clip has some cute home footage and as someone who had two very cool grandmas it really struck a chord with me. I love how the song relays a dream which involved a modern day adult conversation with grandma that Boy Bjorn never really got to experience. Dreams can be cool like that.

Marie Dahlstrom – Ask About Me

26 May

If summery 90s RnB is your thing then Marie’s gorgeous new tune will float your boat entirely. I’m hearing Hinda Hicks, D’Influence and some Jennifer Brown Scandi acoustic soul too –  oh and just a hint of classic acid jazz.

Imad Royal & Mark Johns – Heart Shaped Box (VIRTU remix)

26 May

Big Mark Johns fans here at T&D so we had to give this a listen. By golly this remix absolutely goes off! It’s a full out sonic assault on the senses and one T&D will be having on repeat this weekend. Nice work Imad, Mark and VIRTU!

Cloves – Wasted Time

25 May

Sounding like a lost track from Lana’s ‘Ultraviolence’ with a whisper of Chris Isaak too – Cloves really stuns us with the beautiful drama of ‘Wasted Time’.