Archive | September, 2017

Fever High – Spy

29 Sep

Been a while since we fell in love with these ladies and their awesome tune ‘All Work’. They’re back with ‘Spy’ which is still very Bananarama but with some New Young Pony Club indie edge and also a touch of Rebecca and Fiona sass.

Delaire – Take It Slow

29 Sep

This should tide you over if you are eagerly awaiting album two from Shura. Delaire’s ‘Take It Slow’ has that same smooth indie soul jam feel to it and it’s delicious. Sorry it’s Delairecious.

The Midnight – Crystalline

29 Sep

Well this is just flawless. If this is where the new album is headed we are so on board. ‘Crystalline’ is utterly stunning. A slightly more melancholic take on The Midnight’s trademark synthwave sound.

Eleanor – Under My Skin

29 Sep

Single number two for Eleanor formerly of Girl Friend. ‘Under My Skin’ is so very Drive soundtrack and we absolutely love that.

The Night Game – Once In A Lifetime

29 Sep

The Night Game follow their Sting/St Lucia hybrid ‘The Outfield’ with the slightly more chilled but equally stunning ‘Once In A Lifetime’. Am hoping this leads to an album next year.

Megan Lilly – Tainted Rosewater

25 Sep

The always reliable Press Play OK blog just shared this track on their Soundcloud and it’s love at first listen for me. Gorgeous, warm electronica with some glitchy little touches and a sweet as honey vocal. Up there with Rainsford’s recent output. Pretty artwork too.

Joshua Moriarty – All I Want Is You

24 Sep

Miami Horror’s Joshua Moriarty has a solo record called ‘War Is Over’ and if you are a fan of the band it certainly won’t offend. ‘All I Want Is You’ is a cool poolside jam with hints of Toro Y Moi and something rather funky bubbling beneath the surface.

Liv – Hurts To Liv

24 Sep

More gorgeous and a wee bit heartbreaking new tuneage from Lykke Li’s side project (or not) Liv. Still sounding very Laurel Canyon circa 1978. Effortlessly lovely.

R5 – Hurts Good

24 Sep

Unexpectedly decent bop from Ross Lynch and co who ditch the rock-lite sound for something altogether more contemporary. Those trousers look painfully tight mind you.

Olivia Holt – Generous

24 Sep

Another Disney girl aiming for the pop charts is Olivia Holt. New tune ‘Generous’ is a funky Selena Gomez-like lite banger.