Archive | April, 2020

Vivian Slick – Be About It

29 Apr

Big new pop star alert! Vivian Slick just dropped ‘Be About It’ and we are hooked after just one listen. It recalls the luxurious indie disco glamour of Class Actress and when the artist herself says the track is a “Giorgio Moroder inspired fantasy” we knew we were on to a winner. Let’s hope there’s plenty more where this came from. Welcome to T&D Vivian Slick!!


Rayowa – The Only Night

28 Apr

We’re hooked on the Essex disco offered up by Rayowa. This is the third single from them in a row that we’ve loved and it’s making us sorry we didn’t get to experience Studio 54 back in the day. ‘The Only Night’ sounds like a tune for a decadent night out on the tiles if ever we heard one. For now it will be silent discos in the living room but we can dream.


Austra – Anywayz

28 Apr

‘HiRUDiN’ is the new album from Austra which arrives later this week. We are big fans of the icy electronica of her ‘Feel It Break’ album. ‘Anywayz’ flips between an almost baroque chamber folk (not that we really know what that sounds like but we like the words) and all out 80s synth pop and it’s ace!

Essy – One

28 Apr

It’s a case of Robyn Rae Jepsen on Essy’s new single ‘One’ – with both of those pop superpowers springing to mind on first listen. Essy says the song is “about finding the confidence in yourself to walk away”. A great little pop tune to add your list of favourite sad bangers.

Perfume Genius – On The Floor (Initial Talk Remix)

28 Apr

We are huge fans of Initial Talk’s remix work – having done some stellar stuff for Kylie, Louise and Dua Lipa among others. Perfume Genius, however, was not an artist we expected to be on the receiving end of an Initial Talk remix. That said, we love it. ‘On The Floor’ is transported to circa 1985 with this relatively understated, by Initial Talk standards, throwback remix.


Mere – Draw The Line featuring Nameless Warning (Discoholic Remix)

27 Apr

Monday night disco vibes for you courtesy of Discoholic’s whole lotta fun take on Mere’s ‘Draw The Line’. Lyrically the focus is on a certain energy drink but it’s really all about the 80s groove created on this one.

Middle Name Dance Band – Love Bite (radio edit)

27 Apr

Discovered these Aussies earlier today. ‘Love Bite’ is taken from their Volume 2 EP. It’s acid jazz meets funky indie disco and it sounds lush. One of their members is called Sam Stosuur (cute spelling) – we love a tennis reference at T&D.


Anoraak – Body Language

26 Apr

T&D disco royalty Anoraak just shared his ‘Gang’ EP which includes the piano centric shuffling groover that is ‘Body Language’. It sits well with the EP’s title track and accompanying remixes.

Seb Wildblood – Hazy House Vol 1

26 Apr

Seb’s ‘Sketches Of Transition’ album was in our top ten of 2019 and being truthful it opened our eyes and ears to forms of mainly instrumental dance and electronic music that we hadn’t appreciated before. He’s back with a new track called ‘Hazy House Vol. 1’ which is pretty much as the title describes – fewer jazz tones than ‘Sketches…’ but still quite other worldly house music.

Everything Everything – In Birdsong (edit)

26 Apr

Everything Everything are not a band we have especially appreciated in the past but never let it be said we have closed minds here at T&D. Indeed, we are very pleased we listened to ‘In Birdsong’. It doesn’t sound like anything else we have heard this week and it’s perfect for laying down outside (in your own garden of course if you have one), donning some headphones and then looking to the skies – it’s the ideal soundtrack for cloudgazing (or indeed birdgazing should any happen to fly by – in keeping with the title of the song).