Archive | July, 2016

Hildur – Bumpy Road

31 Jul

Icelandic singer Hildur has a bop and a half on her hands with ‘Bumpy Road’. I love the bleepy jumpiness of the track which makes you fidget ( in your seat while you listen. Caution required if you are hearing this one through headphones on a train – your fellow passengers may not be amused by your shoulder shuffling.

Neamo Kid – Schoolyard

31 Jul

Talent clearly runs in the Sundemo family as T&D favourite Frida’s sister is releasing gorgeous and very Scandinavian sounding electropop under the name of Neamo Kid. ‘Schoolyard’ is spooky and dark in  a Fever Ray kind of way but the vocals are pure candy – sweet as you like.

Duendita – Dream Of Me (featuring Simon Eng and Ken-i)

31 Jul

Well this just dreamy – no other word for it. Nu soul, glitchy production, lush keys – yep it’s just so sumptuous. As you lay down on the grass and look skyward you can see the birds soar and the clouds roll by as this one gets right under your skin.

Luxxury – What Do Ya Really Want

31 Jul

The artwork on Luxxury’s Soundcloud attached to their new single nails it in terms of matching a visual to the song you are about to listen to. This is totally a poolside jam. You can see the sun reflecting off the water and almost taste the ice cold Long Island Iced Tea being brought to your lips as the first few bars start to play. ‘What Do Ya Really Want’ is Bill Withers’ ‘Lovely Day’ put through a Toro Y Moi mangle.

Amethysts – My Love

31 Jul

Great to hear an act from my home county coming through with a stunning new tune. Suffolk’s Amethysts have delivered a beguiling and woozy bit of folktronica on ‘My Love’.

Beginners – What We Are

31 Jul

Beginners are an interesting four piece from LA. On new tune ‘What We Are’ I’m hearing Wild Belle, Santigold and Phases all at once. This track is apparently from the imminent release of their sophomore EP.


Sabrina Carpenter – On Purpose

29 Jul

While I’m on the thread of the next big teen star to cross over here’s another familiar TV face in the form of Sabrina Carpenter. Her new tune ‘On Purpose’ is a bit of a bop.