Archive | December, 2015

Beca – Meteor

30 Dec

Just discovered Beca and her self released album ‘Ecliptic’. It’s spacey electronica with a very pop heart beating away. The video for ‘Meteor’ is giving me vibes from Kim Wilde’s ‘The Second Time’ video mixed with a bit of Sarah Whatmore (remember her) and Kyla La Grange. Nice work.

The Big Sun – Lonely Girl

30 Dec

This pair have been around a while – if the age of a few of their songs on iTunes is anything to go by.’Lonely Girl’ really grabbed me on first listen. Vocally it seems influenced by jangly British indie pop but there are some ultra modern flourishes in there too. Gemma Hayes getting a Ryn Weaver makeover.

SheWon’t – EarthRadio

30 Dec

A slightly mysterious new artist to share with you. Here is┬áthe dreamy synth pop of SheWon’t. ‘EarthRadio’ is largely vocal-less bar the odd murmur or sample here and there. It’s pretty lovely though.


Sannie – How Long (Grant Nelson Radio Mix)

28 Dec

It’s good to listen to a tune with no preconceived ideas or views on an artist. In this instance I really liked this very serviceable bit of Euroelectro. Then I found out the artist was actually Whigfield in a previous life. Did I like Whigfield? No. Do I like this new tune? Yes. Everyone deserves a second chance! Well nearly everyone (Jess Glynne doesn’t warrant any more chances).

PROM – Not About Dying

28 Dec

New tune from PROM and boy it’s classy. Edgy yet classy synths and an uplifting chorus. The vocals are dreamlike and evoke both sunshine and moonlight which is always an achievement. Rather epic.


Venior – Sugar Rush

28 Dec

Holychild meets Hailee Steinfeld with some Lykke drama chucked in. This Finnish artist could be a name to watch in 2016. The chorus on ‘Sugar Rush’ is a tad large.

Lucas Nord – Faking

23 Dec

Ok so I love this and the sound is easy to describe – Chet Faker meets Erik Hassle. This chap is a Tove Lo collaborator and he couldn’t look cooler if he tried.