Archive | September, 2018

Owlle – Heavy Weather

30 Sep

Absolutely stunning sad synthpop from Owlle. ‘Heavy Weather’ is the title track from her soon to be released album which also includes the T&D favourite ‘In The Dark’.


Born Stranger – Last Night On Earth

30 Sep

Born Stranger has been bringing the bops for a while. ‘Last Night On Earth’ might be my favourite so far. There’s a throbbing electro beat but some added guitar funk and a vaguely indie-ish feel to the vocal.

Fiona Grey – Dirty Dream

30 Sep

I’m hearing both Marina and Sophie Ellis-Bextor in the vocal delivery of Fiona Grey. ‘Dirty Dream’ is epic and quality pop – really building into a powerhouse finish (loving the sax). Her new EP ‘Cult Classic’ is out now.


Oscar – Runaway

30 Sep

80s New Romantics meet 2018 neon tropical on Oscar’s new tune ‘Runaway’. This fella has written for a number of other folks and released a fun little album called ‘Cut And Paste’ a couple of years ago. On ‘Runaway’ his deep and slightly detached vocal blends nicely with those of a more candied nature added by Tiffi.

Abby Diamond – Irrelevant

29 Sep

Here’s a beaut of a slo-jam from Abby Diamond. ‘Irrelevant’ feels quite decadent at points. The vocal is smooth as caramel too. Out now on the always cool Majestic Casual.

The Ting Tings – Black Light

29 Sep

Classic drum and bass was not what we expected from the return of The Ting Tings. However, on ‘Black Light’ they totally make the sound their own and their fourth studio album arrives at the end of October. New video for you right here.


Hedband & Thorisson – One Night

28 Sep

This one is from a couple of weeks ago but every time it comes on shuffle on my iPod I’m taken aback by the brilliance of this out and out banger. 80s influences with some killer sax and a throbbing set of synths.