Archive | June, 2015

Princess Chelsea – Is It All OK

29 Jun

A beautiful, astral, starry night kinda song. And a highlight amongst an album of highlights on Princess Chelsea’s recent album. I can really hear ‘House Of Salome’ era Kim Wilde in this.

My Dear – Weekend In Paris

29 Jun

My Dear just released a killer 2 track EP featuring lead off single ‘Better Dance’ which is Daft Punk’s ‘Lose Yourself’ with a ‘Kids In America’ synth intro. ‘Weekend In Paris’ is similarly French sounding but with a hint of Glass Candy. Top stuff.

Hilary Duff – One In A Million

29 Jun

I was really not expecting to like Hilary Duff’s new album as much as I do. Yes it’s Kylie Swift or Taylor Minogue but it really doesn’t matter because it’s straight up pop music done exceptionally well. A sure sign of a sizable hook is the fact that I woke up yesterday humming this particular song.

LA Priest – Oino

27 Jun

New act on me but blending Prince, Toro Y Moi and the super new sound of Jaakko Eino Kalevi. Really floats my boat and will definitely be checking out the album upon release next week. Funky.

Kitty – Drink Tickets

27 Jun

Don’t know much about this one but it’s super slinky and I love it. It starts like it’s underwater but soon surfaces as a LIZ/My Name Is Kay/Uffie minimal RnB pop nugget. And for a short while it’s a free download.

West Nile – #1FNDR

27 Jun

Loved the previous single by these guys (‘Turnt To Cult’) and they return with a bang with this all-over-the-place-in-a-good-way dark bit of pulsating electro pop. Sweet as sugar vocals over gloomy beats which erupt midway through. Really promising stuff.

Beck – Dreams

23 Jun

I never expected to be saying that Beck has just made one of the stand out singles of the year. Coming on with a swagger like ‘Kick’ era INXS with a bit of Sheryl Crow circa ‘Globe Sessions’ swamp blues thrown in. This is all kinds of awesome.