Archive | February, 2016

Lucas Nord – Don’t Need Your Love

26 Feb

Have been looking forward to this track premiering all week. Lucas dials up the funk on his new break up anthem, much like fellow super talented Scandinavian Erik Hassle. There’s something of a UK influence on this one too, MNEK and Disclosure both springing to mind.

Avec Sans – Heartbreak Hi

25 Feb

Wasn’t sure these guys would ever get to release an album but am thrilled to see them appear on the release schedule for June 2016. First single proper (after a squillion buzz tracks over the last few years) is ‘Heartbreak Hi’ which is a delightful bit of neon drenched electropop.

Brett – Electric

25 Feb

Brett just shared the 2nd taster from their soon to be released sophomore album ‘Mode’. And it’s up there with their best work so far. Giving me hints of Pure Bathing Culture in terms of their most recent album as well as those tuneful Antipodeans Gypsy & The Cat. “Listen to the stereo and drive over the bridges to nowhere” might just be my favourite lyric of the year so far.

Janet Jackson – The Great Forever

25 Feb

Can’t tell you how excited I am to be seeing Miss Jackson in 4 weeks time. As well as a hit heavy set I am hoping for lots of ‘Unbreakable’ material too as the album is so darn strong. ‘The Great Forever’ is the new single and it’s a good choice although ‘Night’ remains my favourite. Has she ever sounded more like Michael than on this track?

Exit Someone – Sydney, The List Goes On

25 Feb

Gorgeous debut track from these talented Canadians. Sounds like a duet between Little Boots and Ariel Pink if they had been transported to a late night disco in 1983.

Ohlayindigo – Golden Chains

25 Feb

These guys’ last tune ‘Love You To The Moon’ totally floored me – it had one of the biggest hooks in recent months. ‘Golden Chains’ is similarly bold if slightly less instant and a tad more subdued. Promising though.

Vök – Waiting

25 Feb

I can’t help but think ‘Waiting’ is what Chvrches might sound like if Frida Sundemo joined as a fourth temporary member. These Icelanders certainly have a way with glacial sounding electro pop. ‘Waiting’ is my introduction to their sound and it certainly leaves me wanting more.

Maeson – Peace

25 Feb

It’s clearly in the genes for downtempo beatmaker Maeson. His Dad is legendary songwriter and producer Ricky Wilde (Kids In America, You Came, Cambodia etc!) and he’s definitely a chip off the old block. That said the obvious influences here come from a little further afield – am thinking Australia in terms of The Avalanches and more recently Flume’s chilled out vibe. ‘Peace’ definitely does what it says on the tin – this is perfect headphones and poolside music. Indeed the band Poolside would be pleased with a tune so blissfully chilled and sunlounger ready.


Lovespeake – Tightrope

24 Feb

Tom Tom Club meets Foster The People on Lovespeake’s follow up to their massive tune ‘DNA’ (one of my most played tracks this year). ‘Tightrope’ tips slightly more into indie than the 80s pop funk from ‘DNA’ but it suggests hooks a plenty up their stylish Norwegian sleeves. Would be great to hear a collaboration with their compatriot Maya Vik – another artist who clearly listened to a lot of mid 80s Prince.


The Knocks featuring Carly Rae Jepsen – Love Me Like That

24 Feb

This collab was always going to be a highlight from the forthcoming Knocks album. When you learn that Richard X and Hannah Robinson were also involved then it confirms it’s going to be a glittery bit of pop fun.