Archive | September, 2016

DIANA – Confession

25 Sep

DIANA have totally ramped up the anticipation for their sophomore album ‘Familiar Touch’ (which arrives in November) after sharing 2nd taster track ‘Confession’ this week. The band said the track is an “imaginary Jam & Lewis and Annie Lennox collab”. Well that is just perfect.

Trevor Moran – Get Me Through The Night

25 Sep

New name on me and a little bit of digging throws up he’s a bit of a YouTube sensation and been in the business a while despite only being a whippersnapper. Well he is taking all the right cues musically based upon ‘Get Me Through The Night’ which is an Adam Lambert meets Shamir jam with some Scissor Sisters thrown in.

Quinn Lewis -Bridges

25 Sep

We are really enjoying the bunch of tracks on Quinn’s Soundcloud. This is the 2nd time we have posted about this Aussie based in the US. ‘Bridges’ is his new tune and again the production is on the money, his vocal is smooth and there’s a strong song in there. All the right ingredients. Let’s hope he gathers some pace over the rest of the year.

Empire Of The Sun – High And Low

23 Sep

We are less than a month away from the ‘Two Vines’ album. ‘High And Low’ is giving me proper Sound Of Arrows chills – and that’s a beautiful thing. This has been such an incredible year for pop albums. And it seems we have a little more left to look forward to.

Tegan & Sara – Stop Desire

23 Sep

Another week, another T&S video on T&D! This is the album that just keeps on giving.

Hazel English – I’m Fine

23 Sep

Hazel’s three tracks ‘Never Going Home’, ‘It’s Not Real’ and ‘I’m Fine’ are all quite stunning. This lyric video for ‘I’m Fine’ is a thing of beauty too.

Amanda Winberg – Clouds

23 Sep

Swedish Idol alumni Amanda Winberg just made a play for the big time with her soaring new single and video ‘Clouds’. Zara Larsson better watch out because this girl is good!

Katelyn Tarver – What Do We Know Now

23 Sep

‘Weekend Millionaires’ chanteuse Katelyn returns with a cute little ditty called ‘What Do We Know Now’. She’s got future pop star written all over her still. Hope this one gets some attention.

Olivia Sebastianelli – Oblivion

23 Sep

Love the tone to Olivia’s voice. ‘Oblivion’ is her third quality effort in a row. The 80s flecks are still there and this one falls into sadbanger territory.

FINAL DJs – Without You (featuring Patrick Baker)

22 Sep

Can’t get enough of the synthwave vibe right now. Also loved a tonne of Patrick Baker’s tunes over the past year or so. His work here with FINAL DJs is mighty fine.