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Beverly Girl – I’m Your Girl

29 Dec

Early 80s Prince funk, dinner party sophisti-soul a la Alexander O’Neal/Jessie Ware and of course being from Finland, a big serving of Scandipop – they all come together beautifully on Beverly Girl’s newbie ‘I’m Your Girl’. An album is promised in 2020.


Beca – The Secrets That We Keep (RhythmDB Remix)

29 Dec

Beca’s electronic synth pop is nearly always perfect in original form but we love what RhythmDB has done with ‘The Secrets That We Keep’ – turning it into a late-into-the-night dark disco treat.

Great Good Fine OK – 2020

29 Dec

A New Year anthem , literally, from those ever reliable Great Good Fine OK fellas. ‘2020’ is a quality pop tune with very of the moment production for the most part but the occasional wink to the 80s in there too.

Jade Mae & Ben Brummitt – Bad To You

28 Dec

Despite posting our mammoth top 100 non-LP tracks of the year earlier today, T&D is not taking a breather. More new music for you courtesy of multi-talented Aussie Jade Mae on her collaboration with Ben Brummitt. ‘Bad To You’ has that discoey house vibe which Roisin Murphy nailed in 2019 along with a cheeky nod to Madison Avenue’s classic ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’. Check out the Mister Sledge remix also which goes full on glitterball style.


Top 100 Non-LP Tracks of 2019

28 Dec

So this was even more difficult to compile than the best albums list. Here’s a reminder of the criteria (which I have both loosened and stretched a bit!); can’t be on an artist album released in 2019 (an album is 8 tracks or more) – so it’s basically stand alone tracks, EP tracks or tracks that might appear on an album to be released in 2020. An artist can only have one track on the list as well. The attached playlist (scroll to the bottom of the list) is full of bops and bangers as well as the occasional chilled moment. Hope you find something you like and perhaps a track you might have missed from earlier in the year. Happy New Year everyone – thanks to anyone who read, listened, bought etc based on anything I posted this year. Biggest thanks to the incredible artists who continue to inspire me.

  1.  Biond, Like He Never
  2.  Owl Eyes, You & I
  3.  Nina, Automatic Call
  4.  Rothwell, Follow When You’re Dancing
  5. L’Avenue, Lipstick & Sushi
  6. Georgia, About Work The Dancefloor
  7.  Tamta, Replay
  8.  Chelsea Lankes, Make It Stop
  9. DVNA, Sushi In Tokyo
  10. Eden xo, Have It All (F9 Club Radio Mix)
  11. Peggy Gou, Starry Night
  12. Sidibe, You’re Still The One
  13. Ralph, Gravity
  14. Love Deluxe, Campari & Coke
  15. Jack River, Later Flight
  16. Purple Disco Machine, Emotion
  17. Massimo Voci, Everybody In The Club Crying
  18. Ronika, Loved Up
  19. Sex & Violets, VHS
  20. Cherushii & Maria Minerva, A Day Without You
  21. Cub Sport & Darren Hayes, I Never Cried So Much In My Whole Life
  22. The Knocks, No Requests
  23. Roisin Murphy, Narcissus
  24. Confidence Man, Does It Make You Feel Good
  25. Keiino, Spirit In The Sky
  26. Horse Meat Disco featuring Amy Douglas, Let’s Go Dancing
  27. Mandy Moore, I’d Rather Lose
  28. The Midnight, America Online
  29. Claire George, Alone, Together (Forever)
  30. Thorisson featuring Nikita Budha Magar, Don’t Lie To Me
  31. The Lovers Of Valdaro, Somebody Wants
  32. Midnight Boy, Butterflies
  33. Mirage, Let’s Kiss
  34. shades., Dance When I’m 72
  35. Luxxury and Scavenger Hunt, Another Lifetime
  36. Party Nails, Take Me Somewhere
  37. Kate Miller-Heidke, Zero Gravity
  38. Genesis Owusu, WUTD
  39. Frida Sundemo, Nothing Can Hurt Me
  40. Rider, Jump
  41. Las Vegas Lover featuring Ashley Mazanec, Physical Attraction
  42. Samantha Jade, Bounce
  43. Brian Power & Jody Watley, Good Good Reason
  44. Glass Candy, Naked City
  45. Janey, L.A
  46. Client Liaison, The Real Thing
  47. Poolside & Panama, Can’t Stop Your Lovin’
  48. Charlotte Qvale, Turn On The Light
  49. Maraschino, True Lover
  50. Beca, See In The Dark
  51. I Am Boleyn, Limit Of Love
  52. Rainsford, Passionate
  53. Franky, All Of The Boys
  54. Froyo, Heart
  55. Crew Of Me & You, Come Out And Play
  56. Florian, Ultramachine
  57. Heaven, Truth Or Dare
  58. Raquel Rodriguez, Night’s Over (Redux Inc Radio Mix)
  59. Corine, Je Danse Le Mia: Back Dans Les Bacs!
  60. dj poolboi, Like We Were The Last Two People On Earth
  61. Maruv, Siren Song
  62. Betta Lemme, Play
  63. Peking Duk featuring Jack River, Sugar
  64. Tush, Don’t Be Afraid
  65. Niki & The Dove, Sister Brother Mother Father (Breezer Version)
  66. Touch Sensitive featuring Kitten, Unconditional
  67. Beverly Girl, Talk About The Weather
  68. Dua Lipa, Don’t Start Now
  69. Blu DeTiger, In My Head
  70. Dabeull & Holybrune, You & I
  71. Sjae & San Sparro, The Avenue
  72. Megan Vice, Super Delicious
  73. Lina Hedlund, Victorious
  74. Katy Perry, Never Really Over
  75. Hockeysmith, Lonely Loving Me
  76. Michael David, Rain II
  77. Caitlyn Smith, Damn You For Breaking My Heart
  78. Jason Winston, Yarra
  79. Toucan Sounds & Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue, m.p.b
  80. Iconique, Do You Really Wanna Disco
  81. Tom Aspaul, Traces
  82. Druzy, Crystal Clear
  83. Avalon Lurks, Papi Chulo
  84. The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Dynamite
  85. Paper Idol, Feel Real Pretty
  86. Charlotte Perrelli & Dana International, Diva To Diva
  87. Dinah Nah, Equivocal
  88. Yuksek, I Don’t Have A Drum Machine
  89. Prince Innocence, Noches
  90. Rebecca & Fiona, One More Night
  91. Kids At Midnight, Boys Like You
  92. Jon Hopkins & Kelly Lee Owens, Luminous Spaces
  93. Bodin, Somebody
  94. Marshes, M.I.A
  95. Gallo, Business Baby
  96. Magdalena Bay, Only If You Want It
  97. Jessie Ware, Adore You
  98. Louise, Stretch
  99. Chloe Martini featuring MAAD, All Or Nothing
  100. Vero, Dry Kisses

Holiday Sidewinder – Stay Another Day

23 Dec

Lovely Holiday Sidewinder is the musical gift that keeps on giving in 2019. Her album ‘Forever or Whatever’ landed in the top 10 on our best albums of the year list. She’s given us an early crimbo present by making her woozy sadpop take on the East 17 Christmas classic ‘Stay Another Day’ available to stream and download. Here’s the Spotify link as well as the video clip from a few years back.


Badison – This Town

22 Dec

Dusseldorf based Badison has a string of synthtastic pop tunes under her belt. Her latest ‘This Town’ is an ode to feeling a bit lost or alone and wanting to find your ideal place in the world. All tinged with some retro 80s production flecks.

Luxxury – What Are We Gonna Do

20 Dec

As Luxxury,  Blake Robin makes some of the most delicious nu disco you’ll hear anywhere. On the back of his recent album which brought together some of his instant classic singles from recent times, new track ‘What Are We Gonna Do’ appears. It’s sun drenched, decadent and has some gorgeous little spoken word pieces on top of the hypnotic chant of the title.

Catcall – One Desire

20 Dec

Been waiting for this one for a while and Christmas comes a little early with some spiky new electropop from Catcall. The dayjob for Catcall appears to be scriptwriting these days but we are super glad she’s still making music. ‘One Desire’ is a New Young Pony Club-esque indie synth pop track fizzing with attitude. Hoping she’s got a few more of these tucked away to share with us in 2020.

KAYE – Closer Than This

16 Dec

Can a song strut? Well if it can then KAYE’s brand new single ‘Closer Than This’ struts big time. It’s a funked up bit of crunchy dark electronic pop and we love it. Kinda like St Vincent meets Nikka Costa.