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GoodNight The Satellite – Set Me Free

29 Sep

Sublime and uplifting synthwave from GoodNight The Satellite (GNTS) on their soaring new tune ‘Set Me Free’. Lead singer Sam Nulton channels his inner Morten Harket on this one which could have been lifted from a classic A-ha album. Top stuff.

Lane 8 featuring Poliça – Brightest Lights

29 Sep

The beautiful voice of Channy from Poliça really elevates this twinkling bit of electronic dance from Lane 8’s forthcoming ‘Brightest Lights’ album which is due to arrive in January 2020 (and on a delicious looking white vinyl by the looks of it). Lane 8 will play Printworks in London in May next year in support of the new record.

Toucan Sounds featuring Pink Flamingo Rhythm Revue – m.p.b.

29 Sep

We may seem to be fanboying for Toucan Sounds recently but when they keep hitting it out of the park with their super danceable tunes it’s hard not to show them some love. Latest release ‘m.p.b.’ is an update on a Frankie Knuckles remix of Womack & Womack’s classic ‘Missin’ Persons Bureau’ track. Get your groove on people.

Brijean – Crushing On You

29 Sep

Hot on the heels of their woozy but funky ‘Walkie Talkie’ EP, Brijean return with the off kilter end of summer jam that is ‘Crushing On You’. If you were a fan of the EP then you will love the continuation of their sound.

RYAL – Cars (remix)

27 Sep

Ooh we love a bit of Ryal. This take on Gary Numan’s classic is reasonably faithful to the original but has some added electro swagger and an alternative final quarter as well as the benefit of a female vocal of course.

Coastal Elite – Once In A Lifetime

27 Sep

Personal Best Records just released a stunner of an EP from Coastal Elite – the title ‘Music For Marinas – Part 1’ tells you everything you need to know. From their Instagram the tagline goes…

“Imagine if you will the languorous dreamy pulse of a mid-afternoon cruise on Sydney Harbour…”

There is also reference to funk, boogie and “yachty” (love the extra “y”) pop. Coastal Elite appear to have drawn upon the Personal Best roster of artists for collabs including Laura Stitt on this one.  A track with Holiday Sidewinder is in the pipeline for Part 2 I believe – very excited about that.

Maud Geffray with Lavinia Meijer – Still Life

27 Sep

Big fans of Maud’s ‘Polaar’ album but we were not prepared for the epic nature of her new collaboration with Lavinia Meijer. ‘Still Life’ is a tribute to the contemporary composer Philip Glass and quite appropriately it takes electronic music to an almost classical place. On her Bandcamp the forthcoming album of the same name is described as;

“Ranging from tension to appeasement, Maud Geffray is taking Philip Glass by the hand and escorting him into a club or a rave, to show him how huge a debt current electronic music owes him.”

That’s a sound we can totally buy into. ‘Still Life – A Tribute To Philip Glass’ is out on Pan European on 18 October. Watch the breathtaking video now.


Peggy Gou – Starry Night

24 Sep

Video of the year for you right here. This is just the most dazzling and stylish set of visuals from start to finish. We simply can’t avert our eyes. Peggy Gou is one of the breakout artists of 2019 and this clip sends her orbiting into the superstar stratosphere. This just screams class. Watch her fly in 2020 (and in this video too!).

MUNA – Stayaway

24 Sep

MUNA are the best band in the world right now. There I said it. Their sophomore album ‘Saves The World’ shows real growth in the songwriting (and we say that as MASSIVE fans of their debut album). This is an album with absolutely no skipping required and indeed every track is a highlight. For sheer belting-out-the-chorus-at-the-top-of-our-lungs-ability we are sharing ‘Stayway’ with you.

Samantha Jade – Bounce

22 Sep

Flying up the Aussie charts due to a stellar performance on Australia’s Got Talent Sammy Jade just debuted her boptastic and bubbly new tune ‘Bounce’. It’s been a while since we heard new original music and we still have a hope that Ms Jade gets a big UK break as she is every bit the pop princess we deserve (we still reckon that ‘Armour’ should have been huge and was wayyyyy too good for a b-side).