Archive | March, 2018

Strangers On The Internet – Good Problems

31 Mar

Great band name first and foremost. And backed up with a deliciously decadent bit of sophisticated electronic pop blurring the lines between Class Actress, Little Boots and Pr0files.

Yeseo – Privacy

31 Mar

Well this is so dreamy. We’re serving you some lite funk meets chilled electronic RnB all the way from Seoul. Hoping Yeseo has more tunes in her back pocket this good.

Eduardo Muchacho – Day Spa

31 Mar

We rarely post a (virtually) instrumental track but Eduardo’s ‘Day Spa’ is so delightful we just had to. After a winter that seems unlikely to end, this sunny, blissed out track is taking us somewhere super bright and warm.



Vera Blue – Lady Powers (featuring Kodie Shane)

28 Mar

Finally getting the single treatment with a video (and a bunch of remixes on the way) here’s Vera Blue’s stunning ‘Lady Powers’. Really hoping this one blows up for her and gives her album a longer shelf life (it’s a cracker).

Westerman – I Turned Away

27 Mar

This guy’s track ‘Confirmation’ is one of the best of 2018. This new one is rather minimal but still rather arresting. He’s got quite a sound happening.

Jay Summer – Look The Part

27 Mar

Fell in love with Jay’s ‘Clutch Burning’ and he’s back already with another super sunny track in the form of ‘Look The Part’. Loving the little spoken word bit.

Ben Hobbs – Simple Life

27 Mar

Big fans of Ben here at T&D. Our fella just dropped a super pair of tracks (from a 5 track EP which is on the way). ‘Simple Life’ is ‘Back In The High Life’-era Steve Winwood with a touch of the St Lucia about it. That means it’s rather good.

Natalie Prass – Sisters

27 Mar

We’re still a bit in shock at the slo-disco beauty Natalie dropped when revealing recent single ‘Short Court Style’. She just shared the 2nd taster from the ‘The Future And The Past’ album and it’s an Erykah Badu-meets-Meshell Ndegeocello soulful, bluesy anthem.


New Arcades – Inhale (featuring Lula)

27 Mar

Blistering and beautiful synthwave from those masters of that genre, New Arcades. The guys have a new EP ‘Nothing Is Lost’ coming on 27 April and this track, with a lovely vocal from Lula, will be included.

Nina – Empire Of Love

27 Mar

Nina’s ‘Sleepwalking’ album is pretty much already guaranteed a spot in our year end best albums list come December. There’s a new video for one of the more understated but still lovely tracks ‘Empire Of Love’ (although ’80s Girl’ needs a video too!).