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Mothermary – Give It Up

31 Aug

After a prolific start to 2020 with releases here, there and everywhere, things slowed a bit at Italians Do It Better in recent weeks – giving us time to catch our breath and enjoy those marvellous releases. However, they are back on the horse with the slinky electro offered up by the Mothermary sisters on the chugging but twinkling beauty that is ‘Give It Up’.

Mariah Carey – The Roof (Mobb Deep Extended Version)

31 Aug

MC30 is the gift that keeps giving every New Music Friday. Now whilst we wait to see whether the ‘Rainbow’ era means we are getting that ‘Heartbreaker/Love Hangover’ mix from VH1 Divas (which was included on some versions of the ‘Can’t Take That Away’ CD single) here’s ‘The Roof’. This track is T&D’s most adored Mariah track of any era and indeed ‘Butterfly’ remains her album to beat (although we gotta say ‘Caution’ has to be mentioned in the same sentence for us). Check also the classic Morales Radio Mix which has also been made available.


Faithless – Synthesizer (featuring Nathan Ball)

31 Aug

Any song including the line “I love my synthesizer more” is a hit with us as we feel that! Faithless have a new album, ‘All Blessed’, on the way in October and we are smitten with new banger ‘Synthesizer’. And as for the video, well we just want to live inside it.


PRIZM – All Night (album review)

30 Aug

It’s release week for the PRIZM ladies, with their debut album ‘All Night’ arriving via the ever reliable FiXT Neon label on 4 September. ‘All Night’ is an appropriate title for an album which is very much a party record but one which perhaps happened circa 1987.¬† That said this is not strictly a synthwave record – several tracks (like ‘Lose You’) sit as well alongside the modern pop of Carly Rae Jepsen or Tove Lo as they do The Midnight or NINA.

The title track has some brat pop elements drawing comparisons to Icona Pop or Holychild. Recent single ‘Disco Biscuit’ is Danni and Krisluv’s Studio 54 moment, as the title suggests, where they spin around their glitterball to great effect.

The strongest synthwave moment occurs on ‘We Were Young’ which is a proper nostalgia inducing pastel pop moment.

On ‘You Should Know’ it’s the Miami dance pop of Expos√© which is the reference point. Whilst ‘Can’t Bring Me Down’ is Debbie Gibson meets Dagny. The duo really nail the power pop sound of Maria Vidal (they need to cover ‘Body Rock’!) or the dear departed Laura Branigan on ‘Move Me’.

‘Can’t Go Back’ is the truest 80s track right down to the intro which could so easily be the start to a Kim Wilde classic – right down to the Ricky Wilde-esque backing vocals and rocking guitar solo.

They also play with squelchy electrofunk on ‘Closer’ which is the nearest they come to a slow dance moment – indeed the energy levels remain high throughout.

All in all a record richer for the diverse pop influences but massively fun at all turns and executed superbly. The vocals are crisp and clear whilst the production is never too much. One to play alongside the raft of incredible female led pop albums 2020 has gifted us thus far (NINA, Jessie Frye, They/Live, Jessie Ware, Louise, Jessy Lanza, Dua Lipa and with Kylie and Roisin still to come!).

‘All Night’ is out on FiXT Neon on 4 September – some of the previous singles are included below

Peter Zimmermann & Alpha Room – Break The Chain (featuring NINA)

30 Aug

A new NINA feature has emerged this afternoon and we always welcome such musical treats. The Song – ‘Break The Chain’ – is featured on a collaborative album between Peter Zimmermann and a whole bunch of artists and it’s entitled ‘Lovestory’. The album is described as;

“Making you believe it’s 1988 all over again…From Italo Disco, over New (German) Wave to the sound of the 80s Anime amd Miami freestyle.”

All this suits our dear NINA down to the ground and her track opens the collection. It feels very much like the soundtrack to a movie that never was and ‘Break The Chain’ might be running over the imaginary opening titles.

Travis featuring Susanna Hoffs – The Only Thing

29 Aug

Is there a more recognisable, delightful and indeed underrated voice than that belonging to Susanna Hoffs? It’s just all about the tone of her vocal – it gets us every time. Susanna blends so beautifully with Fran from Travis on this track taken from the band’s forthcoming album ’10 Songs’. We’ve always had a soft spot for Travis’ ’12 Memories’ record from many moons ago.


Laurel – Scream Drive Faster

29 Aug

We have to admit we kinda lost touch with Laurel after loving her really early singles – we’re not sure why exactly. Anyways, her brand new single is very much up our street with her signature raw and bluesy vocal sitting atop some unexpectedly soft and warm synths – akin to some of Stevie Nicks’ 80s solo efforts or indeed our beloved Mynabirds’ ‘Lovers Know’ album (check that one out peeps – a cult classic if you will).

The Aces – Kelly (Fickle Friends Remix)

29 Aug

Fresh from their sophomore album release “Under My Influence”, The Aces have a fizzy new remix courtesy of Fickle Friends. This musical match up seems great on paper and we are pleased to confirm the goods have been delivered. Fickle Friends have taken flight with ‘Kelly’ and landed somewhere between indie disco swagger and RnB girl band coolness. A winner either way.

Kinkora – Set Me Free

29 Aug

Former Eurovision: Australia Decides contender Elise Kausman bounces back as Kinkora with an absolutely gorgeous debut tune under her new moniker. ‘Set Me Free’ is a jazz-tinged slice of extremely classy retro RnB (think Zhane and Chante Moore). The production is shimmering and glossy in all the right ways and Elise’s voice has a powerful clarity to it – strong but never over-singing. Watch her fly in 2021.

Billy Vena – Disco Maniac

28 Aug

Good to see the boys getting in on the disco action this New Music Friday. Billy Vena adds in some Prince funky feels (little homage to his purpleness on the artwork maybe?) to a track which sounds like it could feature on Tom Aspaul’s forthcoming ‘Black Country Disco’ long player (another fella nailing the disco influence right now).