Archive | May, 2019

I Am Boleyn – Limit Of Love

28 May

This one is right up there with Nina for being a fine example of neon lit electronic soft pop. ‘Limit Of Love’ now has a video and it’s a beaut. One of our favourite pop tunes from the past few months.


Cub Sport – Summer Lover (EMBRZ Remix)

27 May

EMBRZ brings a sprinkling of The Midnight-esque neon magic dust, but in a daytime sense, to Cub Sport’s already simply divine ‘Summer Lover’. Listening to this it’s hard not to imagine golden sand and the warm sea with the sun reflecting off of it – pretty much as described by the lyrics. Pool/beach soundtrack for certain.



The APX – Your Touch (featuring Mink Slide)

27 May

Just discovered this husband/wife duo who are bringing the quality 80s electrofunk vibes to 2019. Teddy Riley is a fan and there’s even an interlude on their album called ‘Message from Jody Watley and Teddy Riley’. How cool is that? New single ‘Your Touch’ is such a feel good jam and absolutely perfect for the onset of summer. The aforementioned album ‘Amplified Experiment’ arrives on 20 June.

Cassius with Owlle – Don’t Let Me Be

25 May

More French goodness courtesy of Cassius – their last album was chockablock full of big old bangers and made wonderful use of Cat Power (who sounded so good on dance tracks). Another T&D favourite is Owlle and it’s great to see she will feature on three tracks on ‘Dreems’, which is the title of Cassius’ new album arriving next month. Here’s Owlle and Cassius with a storming summer tune ‘Don’t Let Me Be’.

Lou Rebecca – Waiting

25 May

One of the albums we are most looking forward to come the end of the summer is Lou Rebecca’s ‘Restless’. She’s like a French version of Annie at her most wistful but still delightfully bubblegum. ‘Waiting’ is the 2nd taster from the record which drops in September.


ionnalee – Remember The Future

25 May

It’s less than a week until ionnalee’s new record and the title track ramps up the anticipation. ‘Remember The Future’ is a slightly sad yet hopeful slice of distinctly Scandipop. It feels like one of her biggest pop moments ever. Cannot wait for that Jennie Abrahamson collab by the way.

Alice Gray – Hell With You

25 May

One of the finest purveyors of gimmick free/not trend chasing pop is Ms Alice Gray. Been a big fan since ‘Pink Cadillac’ and her latest tune ‘Hell With You’ is lovely, dreamy pop music with very classy production.

KYOSi – Boo Radley

25 May

It seems a lifetime ago that we were bigging up KYOSi. She’s taken her sweet time, which is every artist’s right, but new tune ‘Boo Radley’ makes us glad she’s still sharing her music with the world. It’s a shimmering, slightly dark and twisted electronic song with an almost classical build to it. The vocal really soars and the synths twinkle beautifully. In short it’s a complex but glorious production.

Bananarama – Tonight (Bright Light Bright Light Remix)

24 May

Our highlight from the Nanas’ poptastic album ‘In Stereo’ is ‘Tonight’. Co-writer Bright Light Bright Light has now added further bopability to the track with own remix which dropped today as part of the single package for ‘Looking For Someone’.

Grace Lightman – Aztec Level

24 May

‘Silver Eater’ is the long awaited debut album by Grace Lightman and it arrives in July. We’ve been fans from the off with ‘Faultless’ and ‘Repair Repair’ stunning examples of her artistry. The track which welcomes the announcement of the record is ‘Aztec Level’ and it combines the naughiest elements of Goldfrapp and Roisin Murphy to create electroglam heaven.