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Elin Rigby – A Friend With A Car

31 Aug

And the Swedes just keep on coming. Yet another pop starlet in the making – thanks to the Scandipop site for sharing Elin Rigby with us. This tune is summer in a song if ever I heard it. Gorgeous video too.

RAC featuring Chelsea Lankes – Can’t Forget You

31 Aug

After the longest wait for new Chelsea Lankes music we finally have something to get our ears around! Loving this collab with RAC (of whom I was already a fan) which suggests an early 80s pop rock switch up – would be good to see Chelsea going in this direction with other new material (which I hope we don’t have to wait so long for). Dare I mention Strawberry Switchblade as a bit of an influence on this – Chelsea covering ‘Since Yesterday’ – wow that would be something!

Seinabo Sey – Pistols At Dawn

31 Aug

Whilst a casual fan of Seinabo prior to Popaganda I was somewhat trepidatious about her headlining the festival on day 2 – I mean an artist without an album as a headliner? The first few moments of her opening song soon put that concern to bed. Seinabo held us spellbound – with a mixture of classic stage presence and that incredible voice (which gets to you live completely differently compared with on record). There was so much love from the crowd and when an album is finally released it’s guaranteed to be the album of the year in Sweden.

Beatrice Eli – Die Another Day

31 Aug

Beatrice opened Popaganda on Friday morning but totally played it like a headliner. Her whole set including her unique and incredible dance trio suggested she had no intentions of easing us in gently. When performing live you get the full effect of Beatrice’s vocal versatility – going from Winehouse soul to punk rock heroine in moments. ‘Die Another Day’ was my favourite from her set.

Tove Styrke – Ego

31 Aug

Another Popaganda highlight was Tove’s set. ‘Ego’ had us all bouncing – it still has one of the best choruses of the year and should have been a monster of an international hit. Tove seems a really natural performer – there’s nothing contrived about her – just tonnes of energy and she looks so happy on stage!

Amason – Kelly

31 Aug

On day one of Popaganda my new Swedish friends all told me that I had to make sure that I caught Amason’s set as it was sure to be a highlight of the festival. They were not wrong. New names on me, or so I thought, but it turns out they are a bit of a Swedish supergroup. One member is Pontus Winnberg better known as Avant (from Bloodshy & Avant) who has produced zillions of bangers for folk such as Kylie, Britney and Madonna no less. Frontwoman Amanda Bergman is very special too. Amason’s album is a sort of Scandinavian take on Fleetwood Mac and ‘Seventh Tree’ era Goldfrapp. Beautiful stuff.

Maja Francis/Seinabo Sey/Amanda Bergman – Last Days Of Dancing (Popaganda 2015)

31 Aug

I am back from from Swedish musical adventure and what a truly wonderful few days it was. Stockholm was so welcoming – great people, gorgeous food and sunny weather! There are so many musical highlights from my two days at Popaganda. I will start with Maja Francis. I already loved ‘Last Days Of Dancing’ but this version where Maja and Amanda joined Seinabo Sey during her headline set was just breathtaking. Still getting goosebumps.

Transviolet – Bloodstream

26 Aug

After nailing it with debut track ‘Girls Your Age’ Transviolet confirm they are no flash in the pain with equally epic second track ‘Bloodstream’ The new tune lands somewhere between London Grammar and Chvrches.

LE MATOS featuring Pawws – No Tomorrow

26 Aug

Taken from the Turbo Kid soundtrack album this track shows our sad pop heroine Pawws can do no wrong. I describe this one as Donna Lewis (‘I Love You Always Forever’ anyone?) singing the Drive soundtrack. Pop perfection.

LNKAY – Hurricane

25 Aug

This is a good way to announce yourself – dramatic and eerie electropop ballad alert. There are the darker influences of Lykke or Karin Park on this as well as the all out pop of Robyn or Medina. Good stuff and great find by the Scandipop blog team.