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Brandon Flowers – Can’t Deny My Love

30 Mar

Not the biggest fan of The Killers (stunning debut album aside) nor of Brandon’s previous solo album (despite it featuring Jenny Lewis). However his brand new single is AMAZING. And I mean AMAZING. If I said it sounds like Pat Benatar covering Samantha Fox’s Naughty Girls Need Love Too with Fleetwood Mac’s Tango In The Night playing in the background you wouldn’t believe me would you? See for yourself.

Maya Vik – Y.M.D

30 Mar

I’m back! Had a bit of a technical glitch bit t&D is back and up and running. Will start playing catch up over the holiday weekend so expect some bumper postings. Till then here’s a brand new name on me – the super poppy Maya Vik who sounds very much like her countrywoman Annie. Maya has just released a majorly fun new EP called Beyond The Basics.

Byrn – You Had It Right

14 Mar

Byrn burst onto the scene a few months ago and returns with a somewhat unexpected sound. Singing  with a higher register and blending folk with electronica this recalls another emerging artist Robyn Sherwell. Nice to see a new artist playing with styles early on.

CAPPA – Hush

11 Mar

Kick Kick Snare are really kocking it out of the park new pop starlets-wise this week. Here’s another in the form of CAPPA. ‘Hush’ sounds like Annie meets Pawws meets Shura – yep that good. Loving this one.

Fletcher – Over My Head

10 Mar

Kick Kick Snare I thank you for bringing Fletcher to my attention. ‘Over My Head’ is the only song on her Soundcloud but what a song it is. Great pop soul vocal with some nice harmonies on the BVs.

Roshana – As I Am

10 Mar

A former Swedish Idol finalist and also once a part of girl band Love Generation, Roshana strikes out with a huge pop ballad co-written by none other than Delta Goodrem (or Delta Goodroom as she’ll always be thanks to Kath and Kim). Sometimes it is worth watching the video that follows the one you were already watching on youtube!

Maja Francis – Last Days Of Dancing

10 Mar

A new Swedish name on me but making quite an impact with one song! This is less electronic than the usual Scandinavian chanteuses – landing somewhere more in junior Jenny Wilson territory or debut album era Lykke. The sound is more that of a band, such as highasakite or NoNoNo.

Shura – 2Shy

10 Mar

I am pleased to say I have been on Shura’s side from day one and it’s great to see the attention she is now getting including a super high profile debut play of this track on Radio 1 last night. ‘2shy’ is sweeter than I would have expected and just absolute synthesised goodness. The 80s influence continues to be evident but this one is more Cyndi Lauper than Fun Boy 3 period Bananarama.

Phoebe Ryan – Dead

10 Mar

Phoebe’s ‘Mine’ is contender for pop song of the year and we are barely in March. How does she follow that one up? With another equally gorgeous dreamy ray of pop goodness. There’s something really charming about Phoebe’s voice. She’s not a belter, nor are there any unnecessary affectations – it’s just a pure pop vocal. We have a pop superstar in the making in our midst right here.

Woodkid & Lykke Li – Never Let You Down

9 Mar

From the new Insurgent soundtrack, this dark beauty is everything you would expect a duet of Woodkid and Lykke to be. Woodkid’s deep voice is softened by Lykke’s gorgeous tones and it makes you wonder what a collaboration album between these two could sound like – the contrast makes me think of Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue and their stunning ‘Where The Wild Roses Grow’.