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Girls Night Out – Doqu

26 Feb

This is a proper Danish delight. ‘Doqu’ positively twinkles with the most sparkling synths and cute as a button vocals. A proper EP arrives soon on the The Big Oil Recording Company label coming outta Copenhagen.

Carl Louis featuring Frøder – Come With Me

26 Feb

‘Come With Me’ is Frøder’s invitation as she features on Carl Louis’ squelchy space synth new single – her vocals give this an air of cinematic drama and pair beautifully with the euphoric build of the song. If only all collaborations were this perfectly well matched. Carl’s album ‘Memory Lane’ is on the way.


Loreen – Statements

26 Feb

So things didn’t quite go to plan at the Melodifestivalen heat yesterday from Loreen’s perspective but all is not lost and she has a second chance. Competition aside ‘Statements’ is exactly what we want from Loreen and from a new album from her. Shades of fellow Eurovision contestant Margaret Berger’s ‘I Feed You My Love’ on this metallic dark pop classic in the making. Epic.

Milo Greene – I Know About You/Never Ender

25 Feb

Milo Greene released a new EP – ‘Never Ender’ – this week and ‘I Know About You’ is giving me proper ‘Tango In The Night’ era vibes (and just a bit of ‘Tusk’ to the percussion too) complete with some serious Lindsey Buckingham style soaring vocals. This one is a moody little number and a great intro to the EP.

Billie Eilish – Bellyache

25 Feb

Loving the ghostly, layered vocals pre-chorus on Billie’s new tune. She’s really super chilled and I really like how she doesn’t oversing – a really controlled vocal. ‘Bellyache’ is one of my favourite new discoveries this weekend – the song, not the gastric condition.

Goldfrapp – Anymore (Joe Goddard Remix)

25 Feb

Joe gives Goldfrapp’s new tune ‘Anymore’ (which is my most played song of 2017 thus far) a deep, chugging remix. I rarely post remixes and especially of songs already as perfect as ‘Anymore’ – but I gotta say I like what Joe has done here. The melody line is a bit stripped in favour of something a bit more….Kraftwerk goes dancefloor? Here’s the full version (there is an edit available too).

Nathaniel – Vapours

25 Feb

This is such an earworm. I find myself humming this one constantly and I just adore the breakdown with the pipes – it really gives it something different. Hoping this fella is given a 2nd go at his career – he seems such a genuine talent and with a clear vision of his direction. Love the jacket too Nate!

The Golden Filter – Questions

25 Feb

Just a little reminder that The Golden Filter dropped their ‘Still//Alone’ album yesterday. On first listen it’s dark and delicious electro and a bit of a throwback to their debut album which spawned the cult classic ‘Solid Gold’.  Here’s ‘Questions’ – bleeps and all.

Lucas Nord – Mess It Up

25 Feb

We are big fans of Lucas’ electronic Scandi soul sound. Two of his previous singles ‘Don’t Need Your Love’ and ‘Faking’ are fine examples of that very sound. He has a new tune ‘Mess It Up’ which appears to be another winner to our ears.

DAVID44 – Stay

24 Feb

Really digging this Icelandic electronic RnB from DAVID44. ‘Stay’ is the chilled new single.