Archive | May, 2016

Tiggi Hawke – In The Wild

31 May

I’m about a month late with this one. It was actually Tiggi’s brand new track ‘Burn Notice’ which got me to listen to ‘In The Wild’ which for whatever reason I had overlooked when I initially listened to it. Indeed it’s the subtlety of the track which is actually a strength.

Cellars – Nighttime Girl

30 May

Just a little reminder about another album you might have overlooked this year. Cellars’ ‘Phases’ will be sure to feature in many a year end best of lists in six months time or so. ‘Nighttime Girl’ has a very cool video to accompany it and the song remains perfect.

St Lucia – Home (Live)

30 May

On an album where every tune is a bangerer/highlight it’s hard to emphasise one song in particular. Such is the case with St Lucia’s ‘Matter’. The band recently uploaded a tonne of clips from live sets to their Vevo and here’s the synthtastic ‘Home’.

Gothic Tropic – Stronger

30 May

It’s Suzi Quatro meets St Vincent for this strutting bit of spiky indie pop. There’s a big 80s chorus slap bang in the middle of this which wasn’t expected. The art work is totally on it as well.

L.A. Women – Hurricane Love

27 May

Don’t be fooled by the name as these are guys and from NZ. ‘Hurricane Love’ makes quite a statement as debut tracks go. It’s a cinematic, slow burner of a tune – perfect for sunset through headphones.


Violet Sands – Modern Ruins

27 May

Great to have some visuals to accompany this highlight from Violet Sands’ debut EP. ‘Modern Ruins’ is a delight in every sense.

Native Spirit – Look Around

27 May

The Aussies get in on the boy/girl duo musical action in the form of the indie synthtastic Native Spirit. ‘Look Around’ got my attention from first listen. There are shades of Priest here. Loving the pastel colours in the video too. Purple rules.

Hanna & Andrea – Always On My Mind

27 May

Oh how we love sisters at T&D. Say Lou Lou, Tegan & Sara, The Veronicas and of course Kylie & Dannii! Well, Zara Larsson’s sister Hanna pops into the limelight as one half of this new duo. ‘Always On My Mind’ is a tad ‘Diamonds’ like in a Rihanna sense. Still a great slice of Scandi pop fun though.

Grace Lightman – Faultless

27 May

The pitch and tone of Grace’s beautiful voice means comparisons with Kate Bush and/or Joanna Newsom are going to be inevitable. ‘Faultless’ is, well, faultless. Stunning arrangement musically and a slightly surreal dream-like video make for a winning combination. An exciting new talent indeed.

Ohlayindigo – Lullaby

27 May

‘Love You To The Moon’ was such a top tune. New release ‘Lullaby’ starts like a Niki & The Dove track but totally pops by the time the chorus rolls around. Really cute pop vocal and lovely simple production.