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Wildhart – Stuck In a Second

30 Nov

The awesome guys at the Hilly Dilly blog just posted this delicious bit of Swedish electro pop. Really loving the crystal clear vocal on this and the fact it is up front and central and not buried in the track. Seems like early days for these guys but on the basis of this track I’m excited to hear more from them.

VCS feat. Elizabeth Rose – Can I Keep You

28 Nov

This lovely laid back soulful tune features on VCS’ EP which is due in February 2015. Elizabeth is pretty on the money at picking awesome people to collaborate and she has struck gold again here.

Carlosh Garzat – Mechanical

28 Nov

Not sure I have blogged something from Mexico before so this is a first. Loving the industrial pop Carlosh achieves here. The video and song remind me a bit of Robert Delong but the line about “disobedience could lead to my destruction” recalls Client – would love to hear him duet with those girls.

Stockholm Syndrome – Pretty Girl

27 Nov

There are sooooooo many reasons I shouldn’t like this. Namely it being used in a hair advert starring Cheryl Whatsherface. So too should I be appalled by the spoken word bit near the end of the section which is proper cringy. However, I have been humming this flipping tune all day. I always said I don’t believe in guilty pleasures so here we go. A pure pop blast.

Hydrogen Child – Sirens

27 Nov

I know zip all about these guys apart from the fact their new single is an absolute blast. Nice 80s-ish verse before a full on shouty Sheppard/Alphabeat-type chorus bursts forth. Loving the energy of this one.

Asgeir – King and Cross

27 Nov

I know I listen to a LOT of new music but sometimes I really beat myself up about missing out on something I should have paid attention to sooner. Asgeir is one such artist. The Icelander has just released a 3 CD deluxe edition of his album In The Silence and it’s absolutely stunning. There are shades of Midlake, Chet Faker and Bon Iver here – but with a distinct Icelandic feel. It’s just so good – and so perfect for this time of year.

Vanessa Falk – Hurt

27 Nov

Loving the drama and strong chorus on this Swedish gem. The song is clearly a poignant one as Vanessa’sĀ father Christian (producer for Robyn, Neneh Cherry) died earlier in 2014. This is the first song of Vanessa’s I have heard – she has a great voice, powerful without overdoing it.

Andy Bull – Nothing Is Wrong

24 Nov

Mr Bull’s Sea Of Approval is going to feature somewhere near the top of my albums of the year list when I finalise it. Here’s the most recent single ‘Nothing is Wrong’ which is a good representation of the album – managing to sound futuristic, classical and retro all at once. There is nothing else out there like this album this year – there are other great albums, but Sea Of Approval is peerless category-wise. A top listen.

Grace – Pluto

24 Nov

Was having a quick look at Triple J’s playlist (sort of the equivalent of BBC6 in Australia) and came across Grace and her tune ‘Pluto’. Vocally Grace reminds me a bit of Marina and the Diamonds but just a bit more sinister (in a good way). ‘Pluto’ simmers away before bursting into life with a monstrously big chorus.

I Break Horses – You Burn

23 Nov

At this time of the year my attention turns to compiling my albums of the year list. It’s important to remember those which impacted upon you early in the year and which have continued to be worthy of repeated listens throughout 2014. One such record is ‘Chiaroscuro’ by Sweden’s I Break Horses. It’s a brooding album – both dark and warm, evidenced perfectly here on the track which pulled me in when I first heard it and which remains my album highlight.