Archive | December, 2018

Cowgirl Clue – Taxi Taxi

30 Dec

Found this one lurking on a cyber buddy’s best of the year list and so pleased I gave it a spin (thank you Kirkland Ciccone). ‘Taxi Taxi’ is like S-Express meets a Deee-Lite interlude circa ‘Dewdrops In the Garden’ with some Hanna-Barbera cartoon music going on too. So much fun.


Woman’s Hour – Don’t Speak

30 Dec

Woman’s Hour have a new collection of songs entitled ‘Ephyra’ coming in February. From it here is the epic yet twinkling electronica of ‘Don’t Speak’.

Cardiknox – Back In L.A

30 Dec

2018 saw the pop partnership that is (or was) Cardiknox dissolve. They left us on a high however with a very big pop moment in the shape of ‘Back in L.A.’. Hope you enjoy this one if you missed it a few weeks back when it dropped.


Fevertalk – Got My Number

29 Dec

There isn’t a whole lot of info on Fevertalk but I am loving this debut track – it’s wonky indie electro funk which never lets you settle melody wise and throws a bucketload of sounds into the mix. Just how we like it. Gotta love these words which are all you can find on the band’s website – colour me intrigued:


Andrew, Albert, and Brendan were just kids once. They put a couple acoustics and a cajon in a Civic and sang songs about monsters in public for money and sandwiches. They grew up and went off to make bands and score shows and shred viciously on electric guitars until their fingers bled and nobody cared. But, in the summer of ’17 they found each other again. Beats were built, rhymes were dropped, wails were wept, riffs were ripped, and souls were spilled all over the studio floor. It was a lovely mess. And now there is all this music lying all over the place and someone is going to have to do something about it. 

Aaron Taos – Not Over Yet

29 Dec

Aaaron is a bit of a sonic chameleon – he’s yet to settle on one musical colour that’s for sure. I’ve been thumbing through his back catalogue this morning and there is such an array of different styles and sounds. Personally I am favouring his pop leanings such as on this highlight from his ‘Night Thoughts’ EP.

Vanessa Stacey – Will We Learn

28 Dec

This kiwi is bringing some ‘Ruby Blue’ era Roisin Murphy funky jazz to the table today with the sublime but poignant ‘Will We Learn’. Vanessa’s Soundcloud page includes more info about the track and it’s clearly an anthem for workforce equality. Educational and groovy at once. The track appears to flit between being called ‘We Will Learn/Will We Learn’ so apols if I got it the wrong way round.

Cat Pierce – Human Experience

26 Dec

Surprise and rather wonderful release from Cat this Boxing Day. A more textured electronic sound than I was expecting but it’s a real delight.

Emmy Wildwood – Everything Hurts

26 Dec

Overlooked this one a few weeks but it’s snuck up on me. Sounds like an off kilter take on the sound Fleetwood Mac achieved on ‘Tango In The Night’. It has that lavish production feel but Emmy’s voice has a real indie-ish charm about it keeping it very real.

SCALES. – Adore

26 Dec

Scales. offers up an attention grabbing dream pop debut this Boxing Day. The soaring vocal really elevates this one and the way the synths are introduced is quite lovely too.


Zolton – When The Lights Come Up On New York City

24 Dec

You get a bit of a New York City guided tour from the lyrics to this synthwave anthem in the making. Zolton’s debut single is Starship meets Bright Light Bright Light which makes it very good indeed.