Felix Räuber – Wall

10 Mar

Well this is breathtaking. A dramatic work of stunning beauty.  Electronic music but almost classical at times. It just ebbs and flows so wonderfully.


Megan Vice – Nobody Freakin’

9 Mar

Megan continues to bring the funk on her new tune ‘Nobody Freakin’. There’s a little Janet reference in there and a rockin’ instrumental breakdown too.

Joyner – Welcome To Your Life You’re A Star

9 Mar

Don’t know a whole bunch about Joyner but I’m loving this single. Lana, The Novelties and Chelsea Lankes combined into one right here.

The Harpoons – Pressure

9 Mar

Not an especially amazing New Music Friday but here’s one that caught our ear. We’re loving The Harpoons’ take on the indie electro/RnB sound which Nite Jewel does so well. ‘Pressure’ manages to be smooth as silk yet retain some indie edge. The album ‘Amaro’ follows on 18 April.

Nedelle Torrisi – Rich Kids World

7 Mar

‘Advice From Paradise’ was a much overlooked but somewhat cult, quiet dream of a record – gorgeously chilled, understated and occasionally spiky. I had totally missed that a new album was on the way. The 2nd cut from the forthcoming ‘Only For You’ set is ‘Rich Kids World’. It’s a good listen.


Sade – Flower Of The Universe

7 Mar

New Sade music really is a thing to be thankful for. It may only be one track and from a Disney movie but it means she’s been in the studio so here’s hoping for more. This track is beautifully simplistic and pure Sade.

Cassyette – Push N Pull

7 Mar

Very cool 80s groove to the chorus on Cassyette’s new single ‘Push N Pull’. She has a lovely rasp to her voice which suggests she could be quite a versatile vocalist. A bit Ralph meets Dua?