Teases & Dares – Remix Round Up; Jungle (Braxe + Falcon), Metric (CVCHE), Sally Shapiro (Jarle Brathen), Anniee (Caspro)

10 Dec

It’s been a while since we’ve done one of our remix round ups and there are a few recent reinventions which caught our ear and are worthy of sharing.

First up we have Jungle’s ‘Good Times’. Braxe + Falcon have taken their disco sledgehammer to this one and smashed it into a million beautiful glittering pieces. The outro seems to make use of ‘Like A Virgin’ era Madonna synths for a proper electro moment. Flawless, absolutely flawless.

Metric’s ‘Formentera’ album is a record of the year for sure and seems to lend itself to the concept of the remix album (make it happen please!). CVCHE certainly works wonders with ‘All Comes Crashing’ leading us to a ravey EDM heavenly space.

Sally Shapiro have been in our ears all year long thanks to both a new album (‘Sad Cities’) and the remix record which followed. There is also ‘Purple Colored Sky’ which appeared on the IDIB After Dark 4 compilation and which now has a remix EP. Jarle Brathen takes up the energy (or rather the NRG) very nicely.

Finally we hear from one of the breakout synthwavers of 2022. Anniee has appeared numerous times on the blog and she teams with another classy artist from the scene to share the remix for ‘Stars Leave Me Now’. It’s more sci-fi and astrogazing than before – twinkling even brighter than ever and aided of course by that angelic voice.


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