Synthwave Round Up: Maxx Parker & GeoVoc/New Arcades & Nina/Caspro & Hello Meteor

18 Sep

It was a classy New Music Friday for all things synthwave. We’ve collected a few of the very best for your listening pleasure. This little set leans towards the more chill end and each is perfect for enjoying that last bit of the English summer we are fortunate to have happening today.

Maxx Parker & GeoVoc – Cloudscape

First up we want to shout about Maxx Parker. He just released his full length album ‘Outsider’ and it’s a diverse set of songs. We are especially enjoying ‘Cloudscape’ with GeoVoc. It’s got a fair bit of City Pop about it (love that) and the song structure does not conform to the norms of the synthwave genre (love that also). Do give the album a go – it’s one of the the best in class.

New Arcades & Nina – Before I’m Too Late

New Arcades chose queen of the genre Nina to close out their new album ‘In The Deepest Of Dreams’ with the sublime ‘Before I’m Too Late’. Nina’s swoonsome vocals in her lower register offer a warmth to this synthwave lullaby (although the track does swell to a bit of an FM radio anthem).

Caspro & Hello Meteor – Pavilion

It’s difficult not to mention L’Avenue when talking about Caspro although it seems the latter has been making gorgeous synthwave music for some time. From the artwork to the ridiculously luxurious sounds these two are two talented peas in a pod. Caspro’s new album is ‘Luxury Haze’ (love that title and just look at the cover art) and from it we have chosen a collaboration with Hello Meteor – ‘Pavilion’ is the one.

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