SACRE – 07.00PM Vahine

10 Jan

Just sit back for a second and read how this Parisian pair describe their forthcoming album;

A sweet arsonist stripper on the run, an ancient love stone, an irritating psychic, the first wedding of a mute gas attendant, the very famous coconut bar, dark mavericks from mount Olympus…A simple night that everyone will forget. This is Love Revolution, the new odyssey of SACRE. 

It’s 07:00PM and Sukil is bored at work. Like everyday she is hypnotized by a little VAHINE on her desk and falls into a dream of sea, sand and sun…

This is the first release of our upcoming album. 11 tracks will follow. With them, mystery, sex and coconut.

Well I’m perched for the coconut alone. This new track is quite divine. Like something from Robyn’s recent ‘Honey’ album but put through some sort of wonky indie mangle and then played at some sun-kissed Hawaiian beach bar. It’s eccentric and quite hypnotic. I love it of course.


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