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Felicity – Pilot With A Fear Of Heights

27 Jan

Firstly, great song title. Also…super find from the Wonky Sensitive blog. They are always on the money. I’m reblogging this one because when the chorus hits, by golly does it have some wallop.

Overcoats – Hold Me Close

27 Jan

My new discovery of the day is undoubtedly Overcoats. Gorgeous harmonies and quality folktronica from these women. An album, ‘Young’, is imminent and I shall be pre-ordering on the basis of this track.

Bethany Ann – When Do I Get To The Good Part

27 Jan

Absolutely stunning delivery via voice and piano. Legendary producer Ken Caillat tweeted he’s going to be working with Bethany Ann later this year. That could be quite a combo. Raw and flawless at once. Giving me some Lucie Silvas vibes right here.

Kady Z – Rest Stop

27 Jan

Really sweet and simple but I am loving the Americana vibe of the music with Kady’s pretty pop voice. Don’t know a whole bunch about this one but it’s really cute.

Ruth Koleva – Tokyo

27 Jan

Bulgaria’s finest is back. I featured her amazing single ‘Oceans’ a lot last year and it made it to my year end best of list. New tune ‘Tokyo’ is a jittery and skittish electric treat.

Lucy Mason – Hunger

27 Jan

Still in love with the song and the new video is super stylish too. Such a blissful listen and now a beautiful watch too. Just so smooth.

Leon – Liar

27 Jan

We’ve dropped this one already but there’s now a video and as the song remains so flawless we are sharing it again. Leon really ought to be a huge star right about now.

Me Not You – Relief

27 Jan

Me Not You follow up their debut track ‘Bulletproof’ (which I’m still playing a heck of a lot) with the rather edgy ‘Relief’. Hearing something far crunchier here than in their previous guise as Little Daylight.

LPX – Tightrope

27 Jan

Lizzy from MS MR dropped a new solo track this week. It’s the gritty and fuzzed up ‘Tightrope’. Good to hear some progress from her band’s sound. Sounds like it could be a promising project.

Nathaniel – Vapours

23 Jan

Aussie X Factor alumni Nathaniel parted ways with Sony in 2016 (let’s hope they either properly look after Samantha Jade this year or let her go do her thing elsewhere) and ‘Vapours’ is his first offering since going it alone. It’s classy electronic RnB – loving those pipes in the background. Good luck this year mister – looking forward to hearing what’s to come in 2017.