Archive | November, 2015

Grace Mitchell – NoLo

26 Nov

Grace’s ‘Jitter’ is up there as one of my favourite singles of the year. Also from the ‘RaceDay’ EP here’s ‘NoLo’ which looks wise = Tiffany circa 1988 and music wise = Feist circa ‘1,2,3,4’.


Limbic Void featuring Iben Bjorg Anton – The Doghouse

23 Nov

And from the Aussie sunshine to the icy chill of Norwegian electronic music. Really liking the Kate Boy meets Chromatics cool on this offering from Limbic Void.

Bri Clark – Shiver

23 Nov

Keeping with the Aussie theme tonight here’s a bluesy new artist for you to get your ears around. On ‘Shiver’ Bri recalls ZZ Ward or Grace Potter and despite a soaring, sweet melody she shares a fierceness more akin to Melissa Etheridge or Brody Dalle.

Abelard – I’m OK For Now

23 Nov

I know I keep saying but the Aussies really have electronic pop with a touch of the retro locked down right now. Abelard describes his sound as Glitterwave which is pretty darn stupendous before you even take a listen. Thankfully it’s a case of doing exactly what it says on the tin. I am still picking the glitter off my clothes after having had Abelard’s Soundcloud on repeat.

Simi Lacroix – Sexual Attention

23 Nov

This chap’s tags on his Bandcamp page are “1980s pop electro-boogie post-ironic Brisbane” and it just about covers it. Jermaine Stewart and Stephen Tin Tin Duffy remodelled by Sam Sparro might also say it. Also very apt he is supporting Neon Indian at an Aussie gig next month. Super bit of retro-fun.

Sui Zhen – Take It All Back

22 Nov

It’s that time of year when I am thinking a little less about brand new music and a little more about the albums which have had the greatest impact on me in 2015. Yes, the T&D best of the year countdown is not far away! I do struggle with albums which are vinyl/download only as it still has to be a CD for me. Sui Zhen’s exquisite sounding ‘Secretly Susan’ album is one such album. I have dipped in and out of the YouTube clips associated with the album and know if I get over my downloadonlyaphobia I will be smitten with it. Here’s the slightly Mulholland-Drive-if-it-was-in-Melbourne video for the divine ‘Take It All Back’.

Porches – Hour

21 Nov

So this is a stunning bit of bedroom late night electronic. At times like Depeche Mode if they were writing a lullaby but the vocal could almost be described as┬ásoulful at certain moments. It’s that push and pull of sounding very computerised yet also very organic. The video totally floats my boat as well in terms of cinematography – such a sucker for beautiful purples and pinks with a nighttime vibe.